White Opal Teardrop Dangle Earrings

White Opal Teardrop Dangle Earrings

Discreet or unusual, there will always be a piece of jewelry that will fit you beautifully. Whether it will be a necklace or a bracelet or earning, the choice is yours! Earnings – it is a piece of jewelry without which no woman can imagine herself; most of them feel naked if they do not have a pair (or more) on their ears. 

Nowadays, everything is in fashion simultaneously, and you can mix and match whatever you like; you can complement some old school pieces with a modern twist. If you are a traditionalist who adores simple decorations, simple dangle earnings may be the real deal for you.

This is teardrop dangle earrings that can suit your taste and are not expensive; they have an esthetical effect on those who wear them.

  • Manufacturer – GEMSME 
  • Material – brass and opal
  • Metal – rhodium-plated-brass 
  • Stone – opal 
  • Creation of the stone – simulated
  • Color of the stone – white
  • Setting- Prong 
  • Lock- butterfly-back 
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Characteristics and reviews

  • All those who love October, who love stones representing hope, love, and happiness, may consider buying this ring. Opal jewelry is always the right choice when you are looking to buy a gift. It is simple and practical at the same time.
  • The earrings are nickel and tarnish free; the plating is 18k white gold.
  • The company that makes this ring is dedicated to creating the perfect gemstone pieces of jewelry. It comes in the ideal gift box (jewelry pouch).
  • The size is perfect, and opal looks so real – they are not too ornate but still quite notable. 
  • The stones are set correctly.
  • The drop of the earring is made, so they round the face and give a subtle shine.


As you can see, this set of earnings costs $12.99, but as reviews show, it is worth the money. Remember that this is synthetic white opal but is made to be a quality ring. The setting is excellent. As many reviewers stated, they are so worth the money since they look so precious and valuable.

Lovely tangling opal earnings

Those earrings are of brilliant quality, suitable for people who have nickel allergy. They are perfect in size, nice looking, long ear, and entirely around the face. You should always opt for this type of earnings when you want to accentuate your neck or when your hair is up.

Reviewers state that they arrive just as they look on the picture, stunning and gorgeously wrapped. Feminine and perfect, dainty, gives a face an incredible shape. They are light to wear, comfortable, and the drops of the earnings do not pull ears, which is essential when you are wearing longer earrings.

The opal in question has a pretty color (reds, greens, and blues) and glowing sparkles look great in the light. It is not the brightest color; it is more subtle, which is what you want from feminine earnings suitable for younger people.

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