White Opal Lever-Back Stone Earrings

White Opal Lever-Back Stone Earrings

We are aware, especially women, that earrings can sometimes change the whole concept of our presence. By choice of the earrings, you can make a real statement about who you are. The shape, materials, and way of wearing earrings have changed throughout history. Still, one thing is for sure – the love for earrings and jewelry, in general, has remained the same.

Even tiny earrings can make us look more elegant, more beautiful, more sophisticated than without them. These are one of those types of earrings – small but so noticeable.

  • Manufacturer – DECADENCE 
  • Material – Metal and Opal
  • Metal – 14k White Gold
  • Stone – Opal
  • Stone shape -Round
  • Creation of the Stone – Natural/Heat-treated
  • Number of stones- 2 
  • Setting – Prong 
  • Clasp – Leverback 
  • Back finding – Lever Back 
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Characteristics and reviews 

  • The company that manufactures this set of earrings states that they sell jewelry for a reasonable price. All material they use is the highest quality, correctly set. They make a perfect balance for all those who look for credit when buying jewelry, as reviewers state.
  •  Materials used to make this set is lead-free, nickel-free. Hypoallergenic – do not worry if you are allergic to metal, as so many people are, especially with the earrings, as the most sensitive part.
  • They pride themselves on being on the market for 40 years, dedicated to the consumers. The company has a 24-hour support team that you can contact if you have any issue with the purchased item.
  • Suitable for gifts for any occasion. All of their jewelry comes in gift boxes. Many are excited about the entire presentation of the set of earrings.
  • Opal used in the creation of is the highest natural quality gem. Take care of your jewelry by cleaning and storing it correctly to last for a long time.


Some would say that the price of $89.00 for the set of somewhat small earrings is over the top. However, you purchase earrings from a respected company known for the quality craftsmanship of jewelry. You get natural opal and 14k white gold. Have this in mind when you decide to buy them.

Set of earrings for all those who love decadence

Some reviewers stated that the earrings’ color is too precise – the fact is that when you are buying natural stones, you never know what you are getting. Opal is very unpredictable, but the shine is without any doubt.
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In any case, these are earrings that truly can complement one look – especially when they are worn with the hair up. They are sparkly and discreet at the same time; they are just the right size and feminine.
They could be even worn on a wedding dress, as a perfect bridal set of earrings. Or, you can wear them daily, to lift any “boring” outfit.

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