White Lab-Created Opal Heart Ring

White Lab-Created Opal Heart Ring

Choices in life are often very hard, especially if the options are what you will buy for someone you love, and this is particularly true when you will choose the ring for your loved one. The piece of jewelry is the one thing, a memory that will stay even if you are not close with that someone anymore, so choose wisely. 

Sometimes just one ring is enough to really attract attention and elicit sighs. Such as, say, the original engagement ring or wedding ring, or an elegant ring you wear daily. 

Of course, have in mind that not every model suits everyone. 

This company “FANCIME” states that they use selected blue and white opal stones to create their jewelry. Both stones are comfortable to wear and easy to combine. White is more sophisticated, and blue is more lively.

  • Manufacturer – FANCIME  
  • Material – Sterling Silver  
  • Stone – Created Opal + Cubic Zirconia Stones  
  • Stone Shape – heart shape
  • Creation of the Stone – created
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Characteristics and reviews

  • this is one ring with a modern and stylish design – one stone with many more small ones surrounding it; beautiful and refined at the same time
  • the combination of silver that is one very durable material and cubic zirconia create one long-lasting ring that you can wear non stop
  • The colors are shiny and sparkly, and their shine lasts long. It is comfortable to wear; it is not heavy on a finger.
  • the metal part of this ring is nickel-free, hypoallergenic, and lead-free
  • Heart shape stone in a ring – is one of those rings that are always modern; you can easily match it with other jewelry pieces. It can even make your finger seem longer than it actually is.

Price and quality ratio

First of all, we must say that the ring’s price may seem a lot, having in mind that this is a silver ring, but it is beautifully crafted and has real opal in it. Opal is a very stunning gemstone used abundantly in jewelry making. It has a wide variety of colors in its creation; all colors of the rainbow are here. Some say that they can shine brighter than diamonds.

So for 26 dollars, you receive a high-quality silver ring, with the real opal in a great package.

An elegant ring of a popular design

It is exquisite and stylish simultaneously; the ring in question is made to emphasize the fingers gracefully. It can be the perfect ring to gift it to someone you like – it does not have to be your lover; it can be any female close to your heart.

It has decent quality, and it can be a perfect present for a birthday, it comes in a great package. Some say that it would be nice to be more rainbow colors than just two shades, orange and green.
Beautiful, sparkly, crafted amazingly, and the combination of opal and stones around it is set flawlessly. The sizing is perfect, as many reviewers stated.

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