White Gold Opal Necklace with Diamond

White Gold Opal Necklace with Diamond

Did you know that the Egyptians had the most beautiful jewelry imaginable?

They have mostly made jewelry for a specific purpose. To protect, show the status and power of those in power. They offer all their hard work and devotion to the deities they prayed. The primary metal use for creating Egyptian jewelry was primarily gold and enamel. Jewelry is surrounded by colorful precious stones dominated by amethyst and turquoise, which are still popular today. Besides them, Opal nowadays takes the prime in a piece of jewelry making business regardless is that Opal natural or lab-created.

Manufacturer – Peora
Materials – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – 14k White Gold
Stone – Opal
The Shape of the Stone – Pear
The Color of the Stone- White
The Creation of the Stone – Synthetic/Heat-Treated
The Number of Stones – 2
Chain – Box
Clasp – Spring ring
Setting – Prong

Characteristics and Reviews

  • This item belongs to the Peora 14K Gold Pendants Collection, made out of beautiful opal stone. It has a pear shape and is made out of a smooth cabochon head and trademark rainbow-colored white. It is sparkly and gorgeous, as many reviewers have stated.
  •  The company Peora is proud of the outstanding quality – class products, materials, Stone’s color, and beauty to the pendant’s beauty. Their gold jewelry has a 14k stamp, which is yet another proof of its quality. 
  •  Each of their pieces comes with the Certificate of Authenticity- you can be sure that the item you have bought has proven its quality.
  •  This is the item that could be worn daily, not just because of its appearance, but because it does not cause any allergies. The chain is 18 inch Sterling silver. 
  • Also, numerous reviews have said that this Opal, find in the pendant, changes color so much, which is lovely. It has all the rainbow colors – teal green, darker green, dark blue-green, purple, emerald blue/green, and purplish red. 
  •  This necklace is ready to gift to someone you care about a lot – it comes in a Peora gift box! 


Numerous reviews agree that this necklace is lovely; some say it is smaller than they have anticipated, but the necklace’s quality is undeniable. The combination of diamond and Opal is impressive, even though the diamond is small but shiny. It is worth the money you will spend on it – $139.99.

Diamond, Opal, Silver, and Gold – match made in heaven

Some reviewers have said that this necklace may be small but that it is so well-made that size is genuinely compensated. It has amazingly well made. The most beautiful part of this Peora piece is the Stone’s color – it has all colors of the rainbow literally, depending on the light!

The chain of the necklace is lovely and sparkly; the Stone is clear in color and light. Many reviewers agree that this jewelry piece comes with superb value, excellent shipping, and a great present.

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