White and Rose Gold Opal Tennis Bracelet

White and Rose Gold Opal Tennis Bracelet

A lovely and elegant bracelet is the one piece of jewelry that you need to uplift the entire look. Suppose you wear anything made out of quality silver, with Opal (natural or synthetic), especially with the brilliant zirconia. In that case, you know that you are looking at something exquisite.

This bracelet is just one example of how jewelry items do not cost too much to look stunning. The Butterfly pattern is the one thing that will set this piece from all other similar; you cannot go wrong with cubic zirconia and opals!

Manufacturer – Barzel
Material – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – White Gold Plated Brass
Stone – Opal and Cubic Zirconia
The Creation of the Stone – Synthetic
The Color of the Stone – White Gold Clear
Chain length – 8 Inches
Size – One Size
Setting – Bezel setting

Characteristics and Reviews

  • The stones are lovely. The most beautiful part is the pattern of the cubic zirconia stones in a butterfly arrangement. This is, in fact, a criss-cross shape. 
  • If you do not like this item for any reason, you do not have to worry at all, and you can return it without any problem.
  • It can be a wonderful present that will not cost you a lot; all of the items from this company come in Barzel Pouch. 
  • The company guarantees that the bracelet will maintain its color and shape.
  • People have said that the biggest downside is the size – they would want it to come in more than one dimension. Reviews order soma product online have said that you can quickly fix this “problem” by undoing the metal hooks on the top and squeezing the metal box within the charms. There is an additional safety clasp on the side; you can use it instead.
  • On the other side, some people have said that the clasp is too firm. Those with larger wrists are happy with this purchase; and the functionality of the clasp. 
  • It seems like the bracelet is fragile, but it is very durable, well made, and firm; the stones are sparkly. The packaging is also very well made.


This butterfly tennis bracelet is complemented with opals and zirconia; it is so shiny and wonderful. Worth the money, as many reviews agree. For $29.99, you receive one quality piece that could stand the test of time. Among the most common reviews are: “looks more expensive than it is”; “worth the money”; “sparkles like crazy.”

Elegance and shine

This Barzel bracelet is one of those items that exude elegance and luxury; if you wear it, be sure that your appearance. This item comes with the sapphire spinel and an incredible opal added in the center.

Some people have bought matching earrings and rings. They decide to buy it because it combines so many lovely motifs, including butterflies. This wristlet is just as beautiful alive as it is in the picture, and the fact that the stones are created does not take away anything from their shine and quality.

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