Sterling Silver White Oval Ring

Sterling Silver White Oval Ring

Jewelry fashion changes a lot. In one moment, the most popular rings are big statement pieces, and in other smaller and more discreet, almost unnoticeable. Maybe nowadays there are no rules – you can wear whatever you want, and combine big and smaller pieces of jewelry, you can make your style.

Some people like to play around with rings to combine smaller and more notable ones or wear smaller during the day and more prominent during the night. 

This ring has some bohemian appearance because of its size, color, and the oval shape of “stone” (Onyx) itself. When onyx is natural, it can be found in black or black and white color; in this case, it is simulated.

  • Manufacturer -Sac Silver
  • Material – metal/925 Sterling silver
  • Stone – Lab-Created Opal
  • Stone shape – oval
  • Creation of the Stone – simulated
  • Colors of the stone – Simulated Onyx, Simulated Turquoise, and White Simulated Opal. 
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Characteristics and reviews

  • Durable and stand the test of time, not becoming thicker; this is why producers made it from 92.5% silver combined with alloys. This type of combination makes this ring stronger (it has to be since the ring itself is thinner). This is especially important for those who want to combine this interesting with other rings of similar or different looks.
  • suitable for layering with other rings – silver that was used to make this ring is good quality, and as reviews have shown, it rarely causes allergic reactions, it does not leave stains or burns on skins
  • people like to combine it with other similar rings or to buy it for younger people because it is not overly noticeable
  •  The fact that the stone is simulated means that it is not the genuine onyx but made to look like one. The good thing is that simulation of the “stone” makes it cheaper, but its appearance remains excellent.

Great price and quality ratio

The ring’s material is metal 925 Sterling silver – this ensures the ring will not be ruined by time if you maintain it from time to time, clean it, etc.
This ring is not made to be overly noticeable. It has that insane shine as some diamond rings have; bear in mind that this is a different type of ring, but who love such rings for a reasonable price of around 17 dollars, you get one cute ring. The ratio of price and quality is excellent.

Retro look for all

Not only does this shape of the ring visually lengthen the finger, but it also fits perfectly with any other jewelry. It is perfect for combining with other rings of a similar easy-going, bohemian look.

It is perfect for those who love smaller rings; you can wear it daily since it is not heavy on your fingers; it is very light, therefore good for layering. It is suitable for younger girls because it is cute and straightforward, and not overly serious. Some people like to combine it with black clothes.

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