Sterling Silver Opal and Diamond Bracelet

Sterling Silver Opal and Diamond Bracelet

Do you own any piece of jewelry that has a diamond? If you do not, would you like to have it? Today, diamonds are mostly associated with love, trust, and romance. Nowadays, when everything is in fashion, from precious and unique, through massive and conspicuous, to tender, cheerful, spring, made of fresh flowers and berries items are worn, you can find pretty cheap and fantastic jewelry in the market.

One thing is sure: the bracelet “speaks” about the person who wears it.
What does your bracelet say?

Manufacturer – Morgan & Paige
Material – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – 925 Sterling Silver
Stones – Opal and Diamond
The Creation of the Opal – Synthetic/Not Treated
The Shape of the Opal – Oval
The Color of the Opal – White
The Creation of the Diamond – Natural/Not Treated
The Shape of the Diamond – Round
The Color of the Diamond – Minimum Color I – J
Setting – 4 Prong setting
Chain Type – No Chain
Clasp Type – Box with Tongue and Safety

Characteristics and Reviews

  • The integral piece of this high polished silver bracelet is Diamond and Opal, made to last. Diamond is natural, and the Opal is lab-made. Together they make real jewelry heaven, perfectly combined and appealing.
  • The Diamond used here is natural; it has 12-13 Clarity. The company that manufactures them want you to know is this – all of the Diamond they use comes from conflict-free areas. Essential for all who have ethical issues during the purchase, jewelry in particular.
  • You do not have to worry that you could lose this fabulous bracelet – it is secured with the single-latch box closing. 
  • Rhodium is added to the Silver so that bracelet lasts and does not lose its shine as time passes. Beautiful and very well made, as reviewers say.
  • Some people have said that the clasp is not firm enough and that they have to fear the bracelet will fall out.
  • It stands comfortably on your wrists, a luxurious piece made to last and level up your style.


People are generally thrilled with this item and its price. Some have concerns because the real Diamond is in question, and the bracelet costs just $134.99, but the worry is not justified. This bracelet is worth the money. Opals are, as described, full of fire sparkles. 

Classy and comfortable opal and diamond bracelet

Sleek and classy, as described by numerous reviewers, is an ultimate means to depict your fashion, and there is nothing better but a diamond bracelet.

Many people decide to purchase this as a birthday or anniversary gift, saying that it is beautiful, firm, and secured. The packaging is lovely; it comes in a nicely lined and stuffed bracelet case.

This is one reason why every woman, no matter what class she belongs to, wants to own at least one Diamond. Men can “knock women off their feet” with their charm, but it is diamonds that leave them breathless. For sure, one purchase that you would not regret.

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