Silver Round Cut Birthstone Opal Pendant

Silver Round Cut Birthstone Opal Pendant

Throughout history, jewelry and its role had evolved in step with epochs, fashion, and even entire empires. Their value gradually grew, and when they finally became one of the most apparent indicators of social status.

Today, the role of jewelry is still essential, and the symbolical value remains. In that sense, there is a gemstone for every month of the year. People like to buy jewelry with the stone that belongs to the month of their birth. Opal is the stone of October.

Here is one jewelry item made for all opal lovers!
Manufacturer- Amazon Essentials
Material – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – Rhodium Plated Silver/925 Silver
Stone – Opal
The Shape of the Stone – Oval
The Color of the Stone – White
The Number of Stones – 1
The Creation of Stone – Synthetic/Heat Treated
Setting – 4 Prong
Chain – Cable
Clasp – Spring ring

Characteristics and Reviews

  • Reviewers of this sterling silver necklace have stated that the accessory is undoubtedly pretty but could be tangled when it arrives. In any case, it is beautiful, simple, and dainty, perfect for women of all ages.
  • The stone’s size is just right because sometimes, when opals are synthetic and are too big, they could look fake, but this is perfect and noticeable. It has a deep color and a nice shine to it.
  • Some people have issues with the necklace because the chain is too thin, as they have said, so they fear it could break, but you can always replace the chain with some other.
  • The necklace should come in a deluxe package box – the perfect gift for people you want to make happy and not give too much money. Some reviewers have said that the necklace did not come in that box but a zip bag.
  • As the company states, their pieces are made to last; their jewelry items are made out of metal plating or flashing, or electrocoating for a more radiant look. For maintaining it, avoid using some heavy products on it or perfume.  


The majority of reviewers agree that this is a unique purchase, having in mind that this necklace costs 20 dollars. Still, you get one timeless piece you could wear all the time in return. This item’s best trait is its simple look, suitable for virtually any occasion, any look, and any age!

Stunningly affordable and straightforward opal necklace

This necklace is fantastic to purchase for all those who want to buy an opal necklace they could wear every day. For those who are born in October, Opal is the stone to go.

It is a good purchase because the necklace is simple, stunning, and pretty; the Opal is made to perfection; you can make a fundamental difference from real Opals! But it is much cheaper. Some said that the necklace in total is small, but it is made to look simple to wear on its own or suitable for layering.

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