Silver Oval Opal Pendant

Silver Oval Opal Pendant

Wearing jewelry in some other times in the past, and now is quite different, since we now wear it because we want to express ourselves. To look beautiful or to attract attention, while once, in its beginnings, jewelry had the purpose of protection from evil or disease, so often worn as an amulet.

For this reason, many precious stones that we know and love today have a dovetailed aura of mystery and legends related to their existence around them.

Even today, people believe that they have some piece of jewelry that brings them luck! Maybe for you, opal is that stone, worn on a silver necklace?

Manufacturer – AILUOR
Material – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – Sterling Silver
Gemstone – Opal
The Color of the Stone – White
The shape of the Stone – Oval
The Creation of the Stone – Synthetic
Setting – Prong

Characteristics and Reviews

  • As numerous reviewers have stated, this is one of those necklaces that you can combine and match with the jewelry you have in your home – a set of earrings or some ring. Silver and opal are so easy to match with other pieces, and the size is just perfect for layering.
  • It comes in a gift box, so it can be a perfect last moment present for the holidays or any other special occasion. 
  • The style here is vintage and elegant, but suitable for younger ladies and older women also. Mostly, the beauty in this necklace comes from the pendant made out of opal stone. The name opal’s translation suggests the stone that changes color. It goes from white to orange; it changes color on light, making this pendant even more magical and shiny.


The pendant and stone are pretty and quite eye-catching – the majority of the reviewers are happy with the necklace’s aesthetic and overall quality. For this amount of money, you get a lovely and long-lasting necklace. It is suitable for gifts because it comes in exquisite packaging in a small box.
All of this you receive for just $14.99!

Cute and affordable

The necklace looks just like in the picture. It is beautifully crafted and just the right size. Even some have said that it is too small and that it should be more significant. But, if you have a shorter necklace, you can layer it more or combine it with earrings. The majority of people are pleased with the pendant because it is dainty and has the fantastic quality for 15 dollars!

It is very well made, the opal has the best color (white with the splash of orange and blue, altering its glow in the light). Along with the perfect silver setting, you can put the pendant on some other chain and mix it up if you do not like it. This is one necklace so affordable and cute, as many say a nicely presented perfect low-priced gift! All in all, a good purchase!

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