Round Natural Opal Gold Stud Earrings

Round Natural Opal Gold Stud Earrings

Jewelry may have been a symbol of prestige and power much more in the past. Nowadays, it is not so common thinking, since you can buy genuinely splendid pieces of jewelry (order online) for some small amount of money. Maybe that as it is, jewelry remains something unique and something that we always rejoice.

What to choose from a wide variety of pieces, but always make sure you purchase an item made from quality materials.

  • Manufacturer- DECADENCE
  • Material – Metal and Opal
  • Metal – White Gold 14k
  • Stone – Opal
  • Number of Stones – 2
  • Setting – Prong
  • Stone Opal
  • Color of the Stone -Opal Genuine
  • Creation of the Stone – Natural/Heat-treated
  • Stone Shape – Round
  • Back finding – Post and friction back
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Characteristics and Reviews

  • Some people said that they have a problem putting them on, but earrings should have a firm back. You could replace a lock with something bigger, so you can easily do the process of putting and taking them on.
  • This small set is white with a bit of orange color, which is impressive since it is a real opal stone. Opals can come to be fiery – and 14k gold ensures that you will not have an irritation, and because of the firm backing, hair won’t be stuck on them.
  • Thanks to the runner backing, you can sleep with them; there is no feeling of discomfort what so ever. 
  • Very well made, they come in a nice box so that you can use them as a gift for any occasion.
  • Every piece of the jewelry buy modafinil per pill that comes out of this company has a certificate the metal purity. 
  • All metals that the company uses are nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic. 


Mostly described as very pretty, the set’s color is remarkably clear, and many say that they are a perfect size. Some say that the earrings are too small. For the price of $58.95, people are delighted with what they have received. You can combine them with some other more significant pieces, or someone younger could wear them because they are discreet.

Small, natural, and attractive

Have in mind that if you are allergic to metal, try any piece made out of 14k gold because it is most unlikely to give you an allergy. In that sense, you can try this small set made with natural opal.

They have such size that small kids could wear them quickly, and if you like a bit bulkier look, you can layer them with some other earring pieces.
If you feel like 4mm is too small for the first earlobe, you can put them on the second or third or order bigger ones, like 6mm.

Some even say that this set’s color is very similar to the diamond studs known for transparent color, which cannot be cloudy. It is often described as earrings that will give you class and have some clear appearance but can be worn all day. Make a great gift, even for younger kids.

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