White Gold Plated Opal and Zirconia Ring

White Gold Plated Opal and Zirconia Ring

Engagement rings must not let you down at a crucial moment when you are presenting them to your loved one. The ring that unequivocally indicates the intention of the one who gives it and is a symbol of eternal love and swearing allegiance.

This ring can be a perfect choice if you want to impress and show how important these values are. Right away, we can say that “the special occasion” does not have to be just an engagement. 

It is always good to look for the highest production standards, both in the technological and aesthetic sense – but the price is also essential when looking for a perfect gift.

  • Manufacturer – Carleen Jewelry
  • Material – 925 Sterling Silver 
  • Stone – Created Opal
  • Stone shape – Cubic Zirconia 
  • Creation of the stone – Cushion cut 
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Characteristics and reviews

  • the high quality of the ring is noticeable; made in 14k white gold plate, this beautiful ring shines 
  • Comfortable to wear, not expensive. The manufacturer stated that the ring had passed the Swiss SGS Inspection Standard. 
  •  it has fantastic packaging -an elegant jewelry box that complements the ring itself; it is essential when it comes to gifts
  • the manufacturer ensures complete refunds if you are not satisfied with the ring

This ring is fantastic for those who want to have something that looks like a diamond ring much cheaper. Many people decide to give this ring a present; it is described as beautiful and sparkly by many. The stone itself, the Opal, is described as perfect, the setting is lovely, and the sizing is accurate.

Some people like to pair it with other bands – it is very detailed, the sizing is accurate. When it comes to the ring’s size – here, it all comes down to your preference. Some would like it to be bigger, others smaller, but many people say that the ring has a perfect size. 

The colors of Opal are vibrant, as some describe it. On the downside, the ring is not as thick as you can expect, but many agree it is perfect and a fair deal for this price.

Good ratio of quality and price

The ring’s price is reasonable 22 dollars -it sounds excellent for this kind of expensive look that you can wear all year long or on some special occasions. Many see it as a perfect gift, having a mind that it comes in great boxing.

Who can wear it?

Carleen Jewelry makes rings out of sterling silver, gold, diamonds, pearls, or colored gemstones. You could opt for their rings if you want to wear something elegant. It could be an option if you’re going to gift someone for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or Christmas or Valentine’s Day. It is usually associated with romance or some special occasion. It can be a romantic surprise – it comes in a gift box that is uniquely designed.

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