Sterling Silver Real Genuine Opal  Ring

Sterling Silver Real Genuine Opal Ring

Some say that you can learn a lot about someone if you know what the jewelry is wearing; for example, is he or she wearing small or big rings or on what finger they wear rings.

Regardless of this, on the market today, you can find a wide variety of jewelry. In the same vide variety, prices range.

Sometimes, you want to give extra cash for something with value, which has a reputation, which satisfies your esthetic preferences.

This silver ring with the real opal stone may be the one for you.

  • manufacturer – LetsBuySilver
  • material – Sterling silver/opal
  • metal – silver 
  • stone – opal
  • stone shape – oval
  • creation of the stone – Natural/Not treated
  • color of the stone – white
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Characteristics and Reviews

  • It is an elegant, nice fiery look, incredible carvings of the Sterling silver. It is made in England that has unique ways of making jewelry. Opal comes from Master Jeweler. 
  • The ring is compact, it is made to last, and it is very comforting to wear, regardless of its size.  
  • The great news is that this stone is a real opal – this suggests that it does not have to be white or milky white; the beauty of a genuine opal lies in the fact that it changes colors. 
  • The color is milkier white, detailing is exceptional – you never know what kind of opal you will receive. Still, there cannot be any mistake with these valuable stones and high-quality silver.

Is it worth it?

For those who do not like big statement pieces of jewelry, this may seem excessive to give for the ring as it costs 149 dollars. Keep in mind that this is a high-quality silver and a real opal. It looks like an antique ring from ancient England, just like some queen has worn it. If you love this kind of vibe when you are buying presents, this is not the time when you will raise the matter of money.

Big ring for vintage lovers

Many reviewers have stated that this is one of the best rings they own because it is not lab-created. The opal is real. It is not small, and some have even described it as a vast and breathtaking ring. Those who know that the opal is their birthstone may want to have it as their daily ring.
The ring’s size is excellent, and many say it has that vintage vibe to it; opal is not small. It is a memorable piece.

Many reviewers stated that the ring looks even better alive. For its size, some say that it is too big and that it could not be worn daily, but it’s about your preferences. The changing color of the stone itself is exceptional detailing is elegant, as reviews suggest.

Some may have a problem with the price tag, but if you are not a fan of old-looking rings fit for queens and prefer more simple, more modern rigs, this is not your teacup.

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