Oval Cabochon Created Opal Stone Ring

Oval Cabochon Created Opal Stone Ring

All of us want to make a good impression when we buy presents – we do not want it to be too cheap (and to look cheap); we want to make an impression. Of course, always have in mind that we all want different things, and that beauty is a stretchy term.

But, for those who love something discreet but memorable, this could be your choice.

  • Manufacturer – Gem Stone King
  • Material – 925 Sterling Silver and 10K Rose Gold with opal
  • Metal- rose gold and silver
  • Stone – Lab-Created Opal
  • Stone Shape – Oval Cabochon/heart
  • Gemstone Color – White
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Characteristics and reviews

  • The company that crafts these rings states that all of their jewelry pieces pass the test so that quality is on point. You can return the ring if you are not satisfied and they will refund you all of your money. You have the option to replace a missing stone.
  • Great for gifts, for any anniversary, holidays, birthday, etc. They can come into the luxury box if you prefer it that way.
  • Opal is one of the most used and beloved gemstones used in jewelry making, and it is said that it has many healing properties. It comes in white color, but what distinguishes it from other stones is the ability to change colors in the light.
  • Like any ring that comes with the stone, there is a possibility it will fall out. Still, the company is more than willing to replace it, or you can switch the ring for some other item.
  • You see what you get; this is not a large ring, but it is really sparkly and has many interesting details. Some say that the rose details on the ring are too discreet, but they should opt for something bulkier.

The price

For the price, that some see as too high, you receive a good looking ring that is very detailed, it is not too large, but for those who want smaller rings with the spark, this could be their choice. The price is $74.99; if the stone falls out, the company will give you back your money, which is completely fair. Keep in mind that it is a quality ring, white silver, and rose gold details.

Discreet but detailed ring

This is the perfect ring for people who like to have smaller. Still, shine and detailed rings that are not ordinary, the rose gold gives it a more feminine look to it, almost girly, so it may be suitable for younger girls. The Opal is very shiny, and it changes colors beautifully in the light.

Think of the summer night, a white dress, and this sparkly thing on your finger…. combined with the wedding ring (or some other, simpler ring), it may shine even more. If you do not prefer smaller and feminine rings, this may be a skip for you.

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