Cabochon White Synthetic Opal Stone Ring

Cabochon White Synthetic Opal Stone Ring

Do you love large, statement pieces, well-designed jewelry, or a small but valuable gold piece of jewelry? White or yellow? Decorated with precious stones, or extremely simple, even little?

Discreet people who choose simplicity’s beauty; choose a ring in that spirit; stones not so large and shiny. For glamorous and eccentric people – large stones of unusual colors and unique shapes. There is so much to choose from.

Opal and Zirconia rings are one of those that all ladies want to wear at (at least) one moment in life. Most often to receive as an engagement ring, it is a classic that can stand the test of time.

Here, we encounter one of those rings.

  • Manufacturer – Gem Stone King 
  • Material – metal, gemstone 
  • Metal- Sterling silver 0.925 
  • Stone – Opal, Cubic zirconia 
  • Stone Shape – Oval Cabochon
  • Creation – Simulated/Not treated 
  • Color – Bright white color
  • Zirconia – Round/White/simulated
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Characteristics and reviews

  • This ring is suitable for any gift, or it can be the right engagement ring. The packaging in which this ring comes can wary, but you can opt for the fantastic cherry wooden box if you want to give it as a gift. The complimentary premium packaging properly was chosen to suit the piece. It is insurance that guards it in case of loss or some damage.
  • All of the items sold by this company are entirely returnable.
  • The fitting of the ring is excellent, and the company that crafts it is respectful. Like in any zirconia stones – you need to be careful not to fall out; they are tiny and can be lost!
  • It has a lively color and a fantastic shine to it.


If you look at the price tag, 60 dollars for a ring is not a small amount. It may sound a lot, but you will receive an excellent quality ring if you know that. With an unusual cut, in a gorgeous box, suitable for the present, with an option to return it, then you know that this is a fair deal.

Unusual cut, not for everyone

We have said that there is a perfect ring for every occasion, but one more thing is needed to be said, we all have different preferences.
This Gem Stone King ring is one of those that will cause emotions, you will fall in love with it, or you will say it looks cheap, and it is not worth the money.

We can say that this is the ring that you will either love or hate – it is not for everyone. If you love curls that are more common cut, pure and straightforward, this is not the ring we recommend. This ring can be adequate for a formal occasion, but for those who love to wear something unusual.

Those who love unusual, twisted cut of the ring say that it is delicate and wonderful, but those who love clean lines would not love it and may even think it looks cheap. We believe that it comes down to your preferences. Pretty and elegant, as many would say to describe it.

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