Princess-Cut 2 Carat Opal Necklace

Princess-Cut 2 Carat Opal Necklace

When it comes to extremely lavish jewelry, jewelry makers used an incredible technique of creation before modern times, which is very difficult or even impossible to copy today. In these old times, this type of jewelry was meant to become a gift for deities, so they decorated statues during religious festivals or holidays.

Nowadays, lavish jewelry’s craftsmanship has changed, along with its purpose – people of all social status love to have it.
But today, you can find so many affordable options; instead of white gold and diamond necklace, you can buy a silver necklace with the created opal stone. Looks fantastic, and it does not hurt your budget.

Manufacturer – Peora
Material – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – rhodium-flashed-silver/ 925 Sterling Silver
Stone – Opal
The Shape of the Stone – Princess
The Color of the Stone – White
The Creation of the Stone – Synthetic/Heat-treated
Number of stones – 1
Setting – 4 prong
Chain – Box
Clasp- Spring ring

Characteristics and Reviews

  • Here we can see how opals created in a lab can look amazing and have such an excellent color shimmering and multicolored. The silver used here is 925 Sterling Silver. 
  • The company states buy modafinil online canada that all of their items are exclusive and have a great style, suitable to become a gift. It comes in a gift package. 
  •  Numerous reviews have said that the Opal has a perfect size; the chain is lovely and shimmering. Ideal for all those who love opals!
  • The company that makes the piece states that all of their items are made of superior materials, especially stones with the most beautiful shades. 
  • All of the Peora jewelry is handcrafted with particular attention to detail.
  • Certificate of Authenticity comes with every jewelry item from Peora.
  • If you are unhappy with the chain’s length, the company will gladly replace it with a shorter or longer one.


A great and quality piece of jewelry is highly recommended by many reviewers because, for $39.99, you receive something that you could wear all day. Perfect gift for Mother’s day, or any other meaningful date.
You do not even think about the gift wrapping because this piece comes with the gift box.

Silver necklace for all occasions

Many reviewers have stated that this item is gorgeous and the perfect size; this necklace goes well with anything and could be worn all year long. Many reviews have also said that the picture does not say how it is – because the necklace is even prettier live. Many of them have ordered matching rings! Some even have matched this opal necklace with diamond earrings, saying it is a perfect match.

All of you whose birthstone is Opal, those who want to wear something exclusive should buy this piece! It will not disappoint, it has spark and sparkle, the stone is a great size. Because of the perfect size that sets amazingly well in the silver, you get an outstanding piece for a reasonable price.

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