Precious Opal Benefits, Traits, Healing Properties

Precious Opal Benefits, Traits, Healing Properties

“Play of color” is the term most commonly associated with the Precious Opal. Its most notable trait in this stone is the bold display of brilliant, multicolored light seen on Opal gemstone.

Experts say that, in general, Opals (of any kind) that have black or darker tones are much more expensive than lighter ones; they are hard to find. Opals with whiter, more lightweight, or crystal body color are cheaper because a gemstone with a deeper body shade displays shades more vibrantly. 

In that sense, one of the most valuable precious Opals on the market today is Black Opal gemstone, which also falls under the category Precious Opal. This extraordinary stone can cost up to $10,000 a carat or more.

Precious Opal Characteristics and Types

Any Opal that is genuine, not synthetic or Faux, displays “play-of-color” is called Precious Opal. Depending on the background color or the location of the structure of the rock, Precios Opal can be:

  • Black opal – black background-color
  • White opal – white background-color
  • Crystal opal – transparent background-color
  • Boulder opal -where the precious opal is located in the rock’s structure
  • Matrix opal – -where the precious opal is located in the rock’s structure

Precious Opal Benefits

Opal is a form of quartz formed due to groundwater’s movement, filling the gaps between the rocks and creating some of the world’s most beautiful gemstones. The word “Opal” comes from the Sanskrit word Upala – and its meaning is a precious stone. 

It is believed that the Precious Opal is a crystal able to drive away dark thoughts and fear, and it is a stone of hope and love. In the Hindu religion, it is believed that the Precious Opal helps children to grow. In modern lithotherapy, the Precious Opal is used for the process of harmonization of the body. This process implies all body functions, with an accent on the protection from many infections. Experts say that because Precious Opal is so valuable must be cleaned and stored with a lot of care.

Before they cut the Precious Opal to put it into a piece, Jewelry makers always meticulously measure to recognize the position, adjustment, and design of its play-of-color characteristics. The aim is to create a stone of the highest play-of-color, evenly scattered and in a well-adapted configuration for jewels or other applications.

The most valuable Precious Opals have a fantastic exhibit of a complete rainbow of vivid colors. Evenly spread over the stone’s surface with no dead points, and produce great play-of-color during look from any position. 

It is very unusual to find a Precious Opal that satisfies all of these purposes, and if by any chance if they do meet these goals. They are costly but completely worth it, both in their appearance and their healing properties.

Precious Opal Healing Properties

Amazingly, you can view almost all the Precious Opal’s primary pigments, which gives the impression that the gem is multicolored. Its surface has a perfect radiant reflection of light. That is why opal occupies a very high place in the world of jewelry. The Precious Opal is most commonly associated with the emotional healing processes besides the body’s healing process.

Since the Precious Opal stone symbolizes passion, purity, and hope, it is suggested to be worn by those who have emotional scars. It is particularly recommended to be worn as a ring. This miraculous stone, created in the interior of the Earth, has several advantages. It is believed to have a soothing effect on the human soul and spirit, but it also can heal emotional wounds.

As it is believed, the Precious Opal shows what the emotional states have been like in the past for the person who wears it. Even more, it instructs how to take charge in a given situation regarding relationships with other people. This Precious stone is also able to describe the expression of positive emotions. The Precious Opal can already heal the Earth’s energy field, repair the damage, and replenish energy to stabilize the protective network around us. It is recommended to be worn on the middle finger to maintain the balance of the body, mind, and soul.

Some believe that the Precious Opal is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs for man in particular. When the Precious Opal affects men, it increases hairiness and curling. When women wear it, the precious stone regulates sebum levels, evens out the skin tone, affects faster calorie burning, solves the problem of constipation, and prevents fungus production. 

More than this, the Precious Opal should be worn by people under stress, unhappy, sad, and restless. It makes a person calm, serene, and fully fulfilled on all levels.

Birthstone and Zodiac sign

Experts say that the Precious Opal can also remove the negative energy that we are surrounded by. In return, it fills us with positive energy. Even more, it provides positive strength and a boost of joy and happiness. 

Some say that the Precious Opal is one of a kind, a mystical rock due to its impact on cosmic awareness growth. This type of Opal gemstone is one of the most beautiful gifts for people born in October and November, especially those born at the beginning of November, in the first two weeks. 

With a present, which includes a Precious Opal jewelry piece, you can reveal to your loved one how much you adore him or her and that you wish him or her all the best. 

An Opal ring (an engagement ring), or necklace, can be one of the special symbols of your affection toward the person you love and want to protect. It is a beautiful way to express your sentiments to a loved one, especially if that loved one is born in the Zodiac sign of Pisces. These tender beings need all the protection they can get, and the Precious Opal is their protective stone.

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