Plated Bracelet with Gorgeous 34 Opal Gemstones

Plated Bracelet with Gorgeous 34 Opal Gemstones

In the past, each bracelet (regardless of the material it was made) had a protective and personal value for the wearer. Usually, bracelets were worn from birth, symbolizing essential life situations, such as entering puberty, marriage, during growing up and maturing. People in the past have also been communicating through bracelets. Based on the design and motives, the social position of the person wearing it, or some intention, was made known.

What is the situation now?
Practically similar – people still want to make a statement with the jewelry they are wearing. For your next purchase or a present, you can choose this tennis bracelet with the Opal stones.

Manufacturer – Barzel
Material – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – Rhodium-plated-brass
Stone – Opal
The Creation of the Stone – Synthetic
The Shape of the Stone – Round
Total number of stones- 34
Color – Silver
Size -One Size
Setting – Bezel
Chain Type – Box Chain
Clasp – Open Box
Length of the Bracelet – 7.5 Inches

Characteristics and Reviews

  • Bracelet is terrific in the sense that it has so many details and so many stones. It has a round crown design shape, and the Gemstone Opal has such an excellent color, especially in the light.
  • This tennis bracelet has a beautiful shine, even though the Opal is lab-created. Reviews have shown that people love to buy lab-created opals because of the incredible brilliance and reasonable price.
  • You do not have to worry about returning this item; the manufacturer will accept it without any problem.
  • It can be a wonderful buy tramadol code online gift since it comes in a Barzel Pouch; you do not have to worry about packing if you want to buy this bracelet for a gift.
  • The Company guarantees that the item you have purchased will obtain its color and quality. Some reviews have said that the metal looks cheap and that the metal could be bend easily. 
  • Numerous reviews have shown that people who have purchased this item did not have any problem with allergies; the bracelet did not lose its color.


People are excited to buy this piece for a reasonable price because the lab-created Opal is impressive; it has the right color, shine, and texture. One stunning bracelet, and the only aspect that people do have to complain about, is that the rose gold may seem fake. $29.99 is the price for this bracelet – worth it; the metal is light and gentle, with a nice shine to it.

Lovely bracelet

You can wear this bracelet daily, and you can combine it with the matching earrings if you want. Numerous reviews have stated that this jewelry item is lovely, with the perfect shine, comfortable to wear, a light metal band.

One person even said that this bracelet could cost more than 30 bucks, somewhere around 80 even. We think this bracelet is more suitable for older ladies that want to put an extra glamour into everyday wear. It has a real sparkle in the light.

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