Peora Sterling Silver Opal Stone Ring

Peora Sterling Silver Opal Stone Ring

From ancient times, the ring was considered the most valuable and most beautiful piece of jewelry that a person could wear, male or female.

The ring gives a hint about the individual social status of the person wearing it and the character. 

It makes the look of the hand more elegant and emphasizes its beauty. That is why choosing the right ring is very important – regardless of the fact, you are choosing the ring for yourself or someone else.

This ring has such an appearance that could be worn daily, and at the same time, it looks so special – it is the accessory that shines luxuriously; fits with all you wear. 

The company that makes them states that they craft jewelry with mathematical precision and authentically and unique pieces.

All of their jewels have a Certificate of Authenticity that ensures you receive a quality piece of jewelry. 

  • Manufacturer – Peora 
  • Material – metal, gemstone 
  • Metal- Sterling silver 0.925 
  • Stone – opal 
  • Stone shape – round
  • Creation of the rock – Synthetic/ Heat-treated
  • Colors of the stone – Bright white color
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Characteristics and reviews

  • The ring was cut in a way that uses raw material in the best to bring out the shine—no blotch, sparkly, long-lasting, and correctly sized, regardless of the fact it is made synthetically.
  • It does not cause allergies, and it is coated with rhodium to give it an excellent polish and luxurious surface. Opal is for many a favorite gemstone, for many a birthstone.
  • The ring’s band fits perfectly, and it is made in a way that you can wear it daily.
  • It comes in a wide variety of sizes from 5 to 9, and the dimensions are very accurate.
  • Many reviewers have stated that the synthetic opal looks much nicer than the real deal because it can have a more superior shine.

A bit pricy but worth it

Yes, this ring’s price is almost 40 dollars (having in mind that it is silver with the made opal). Still, in return, you receive a ring that is made beautifully in an already great package, with the certificate that proves its quality. So, it is worth it. As many reviews prove, it is worth the money you will give on it. I started taking Ativan when I had problems at work. Working with people could be worse. When taking Ativan, I didn’t notice special effect on the mood. I wasn’t calm and was still nervous with constant intake. After three days of reception, I had headache in morning, I did not understood why, but then I found out that it was caused by Ativan.

Vintage look

As you can see, this ring has a vintage look in a way that can be seen in the shape of the ring (round) in silver, and you can give it as a gift for special occasions like Mother’s Day or Christmas, or Birthday. It comes in an elegant box, ready to make someone happy.

As reviews show, this ring will stand the test of time – no discoloration; if you take care of it, it will remain perfect, shines that lasts.

It looks way expensive than it is; some say it is ultra-rich, comfortable to wear. Good value, the sizing is entirely accurate. Great for those who want some vintage vibe but does not want to wear rings that are too expensive from fear of losing them, this is a perfect deal.

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