Oval-Cut Swirl Opal Tennis Bracelet

Oval-Cut Swirl Opal Tennis Bracelet

In ancient Egypt, bracelets were made of gold, silver, stained glass, and precious stones, such as amethyst, Opal, and turquoise. The most commonly used symbols were lotus, snake, falcon, or some other animals. On the other side, in ancient Greece, silver was used abundantly; it symbolized purity and a new beginning.

As you know, all of these materials are still used abundantly, in a very similar way, and, surprisingly, with the same or similar symbolism. Silver with many opal stones in an intricate design – what an excellent combination.

Manufacturer – GemStar USA
Material – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – Sterling Silver
Stone – Opal
The Creation of the Stone – Synthetic/Heat Treated
The Color of the Stone – White
The Shape of the Stone -Oval
Number of stones – 54
Chain – Box Chain, Link Chain
Clasp Type – Box with Tongue and Safety
Setting – Prongs

Characteristics and Reviews

  • Here we can see a studded swirl design, one polished tennis bracelet with the shining Opal set in white topaz. Great for day and night also; suitable for younger girls and women as well. Maybe because of its vintage, old look, older ladies would enjoy them the most. 
  • Do not have to worry about stains or allergies – it is made out of 925 sterling silver, nickel and tarnish-free. 
  • You do not worry about losing this bracelet; it has a safety latch and a box with a tongue. 
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee; if you are not happy with the purchased item for whatever reason, you can replace it within 30 days, without any issue.
  •  This fabulous bracelet comes as an already packaged gift, ready to make someone happy.  
  •  The company states that they are very proud of their assortment of hand-selected jewelry. All of the pieces they create are selected gemstones, precious metals, and zirconia. 


Some reviewers had an issue with the clasp. But the majority of them were happy with the purchase, saying that the price is fantastic. It costs $49.99. For less than 50 bucks, you become the owner of a piece that looks like it is worth much more.

Intricate work for elegance lovers

People are impressed with the quality and how beautiful this bracelet is, and as so many of the reviews have said, it comes so well with the other pieces they have. Some studies have noted that the gift box should be more excellent because it is worth it.

This bracelet exceeded all expectations because of its beauty – it is intricate, elegant, and the gems are gorgeous. It is one of those bracelets with a detailed design as it belongs to the old, vintage, costly jewelry of some queen. Here you can buy it for 50 dollars, and if you do not like it, you can return it; and if you do like it, you can buy matching earrings or a ring. Also, as numerous reviews have agreed, this piece’s sizing is perfect; suitable for older ladies. For a reasonable price!

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