Opal Healing Properties

Opal Healing Properties

Every human being on the planet has physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of their being. Each of them must work at the right frequency, be balanced, and work together and harmoniously. A malfunction in only one of them affects the work and blockage of energy in all the others.

There is numerous way of maintaining that balance, and few of them comes from nature directly. 

Opals are precious stones that can help us work on all of these areas.

Depending on the sphere in life you need healing, you can use that type of Opal stone.

Energy and the importance of the memory

We know that Opal stones have a lot of water in them. A percentage depends on the kind of Opal in question. The water has a physical effect on Opals, making them fragile. Still, at the same time, the water component has an extraordinary power of “memory.” When you wear an Opal stone, you are taking with you a lot of memorized energy.

Opal mines are most commonly owned by the rich. In them, only poor one’s work; under challenging conditions. All of these energies are left on the stones; later, they fall in the hand of the traders who have their minds set on earnings and profits, so Opals assimilate the vibrations of greed. 

The water element absorbs these vibrations, and silicon memorizes them firmly. 

This is the reason why some say that the Opal can have lousy energy inside. Others claim that the integral power of the Opal is more substantial than anything else and that it does not make them less valuable. It is relevant the energy you give to this stone, especially if you can connect to the strength of the Universe from which it came.

Different Colors, Different Areas of Healing

As we know, there are numerous versions of Opals, and among the most valuable are those characterized by a rainbow overflow of colors. In general, black or dark opals are more valuable than those with white, light, or crystal tones – darker stone usually reflects richer colors. The most beneficial and prized is the Black Opal.

In general, almost all kinds of Opal are right for healing; these are the most common areas of its “work”:

  • Opal is the stone that ensures clean energy, and spiritual growth
  • Opal is supposed to ensure loyalty in interpersonal relations, for all people who share emotions, friends or lovers
  • Opal helps to express the inner beauty
  • Opal is considered to destroy heart wounds and vague feelings of guilt
  • Opal brings lightness to life and helps develop creativity and optimism.
  • Opal stimulates intuition and awakens love and passion, which is why many also call it the crystal of love.

Physical Healing

Opals have fantastic healing properties regarding the physical body, and these are some of them:

  • It has a preventive effect on virus infections and also bacterial.
  • It has a powerful emptying effect. Opal water, which you can drink in the morning on an empty stomach, has a strong cleansing effect on the body.
  • It is beneficial to the respiratory system; it relieves allergic reactions of the lungs and bronchi, leading to breathing problems. 
  • It relieves all allergic reactions in tissues. 
  • Opal cleans the dust in a poisoned environment, animal hair causing breathing problems or allergies in the lungs. 
  • Opal water applied to the skin relieves problems with rashes and irritated skin. 
  • If worn around the neck, Opal alleviates and cures problems with hypersensitivity and fever. 
  • It cures and alleviates problems with sore throats, vocal cord spasms, severe voice loss. 
  • It strengthens the blood circulation of the heart and lungs and accelerates impurities’ exhalation from the lungs.

Mental Healing

  • It eliminates depression and helps the wearer to make a difference between right and fake emotions. It is there to help you find true love. 
  • This stone opens up some uninterrupted power and positive feeling in our hearts, making us open and ready to receive positive vibes and an abundance of ideas.
  • It awakens the sleeping creative energy.
  • It has very calming features, protecting the person using unwanted “cures” from fears of stress. 
  • Especially during sufferings, it leaves us a free spiritual path, resolves mental blockages, and strengthens memory and consciousness and its abilities.

Sexual and Emotional Healing

  • It is very suitable for meditation and for waking the sexual chakra. 
  • It is believed that it can increase potency and that it is fantastic for fertility problems.
  • It has the most potent effect on the heart, not just in a physical sense, and it also supports love and sexuality.
  • It is associated with love and passion, as well as lust and eroticism. For those who are sleepy in this area of work, Opal wakes them up.
  •  It is a seductive stone that strengthens emotional states and releases limitations of any kind. It shows who we are.
  • It can also be an emotional stabilizer since it is the stone that provides balance.


In the whole wide world, there are no two same Opals. Each of them is unique. Each of them has its extraordinary power, a unique vibration.

The healing properties related to the Opal stone are endless.

Opal is a gem that brings new bonds and a strong sense of optimism to the person who wears it. 

Eternally and externally, the Opal stone brings beauty and playfulness. It is good to wear when you want to try new things in life, as it helps a person relax and forget about excessive caution. It is very suitable in moments when a decision needs to be made about extraordinary life moves.

Its colorful appearance gives the wearer a feeling of playfulness and removes the feeling of depression. It boosts inspiration, presents peace and balance, calms emotional balance. It also helps a person eliminate feelings of embarrassment, feelings of inferiority and overcome anxiety. It is believed that it magnifies hope, a touch of warmth, openness, and imagination.

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