Opal Benefits, Traits, Healing Properties

Opal Benefits, Traits, Healing Properties

Crystal therapy is an alternative medical technique that uses crystals and semi-precious and precious stones for both treatment and prevention of numerous “problems.

A belief or an idea that stones have some benefits comes from the fact that crystals or precious stones act with their vibration on energies that, due to various reasons, have remained blocked, stagnant, or entirely unbalanced. Once released, negative energies leave the body. The overall energy picture is normalized, thus eliminating both physical and mental ailments. Opal is one of the most used stones for these purposes.

When the root of the name Opal is translated, you get “the precious stone.” According to one legend, this gemstone was supposedly created by the Goddess of many colors when she withdrew from other Gods’ unwanted company. There are numerous tales and legends, but the Opal is still, in these modern times, one of the most beloved gemstones.

You likely have one or two specimens in a jewelry box, but what exactly do you know about its benefits?

Opal Characteristics and Traits

Opal is an amorphous, sometimes kidney-shaped stone of resinous or, more often, glassy luster. There are many locations where Opal is mined.

Locations of expensive Opal:

  • Australia
  • the USA
  • Italy
  • Slovakia
  • The Czech Republic
  • Turkey
  • Mexico
  • Egypt.

There are several types of opals: 

  • An expensive Opal has a white to milky blue color, characterized by an overflow of rainbow colors. It is most common Opal
  •  there is also very loved fiery- black Opal, highly valuable
  • one more kind that is cherished is entirely transparent and colorless Opal
  • wood opal – fossil wood infused with Opal
  •  The water Opal is a hyalite-like stone that shines just like a rainbow, 
  • Then there is a boulder opal, which has ingrown thin veins of Opal in the body. 
  • Opals of highly translucent orange color are called fire opals and will be described separately; 
  • Andean opals that have a greenish-blue color prime of copper.

This is just one division, and there are many more in the world.

One of the Opals’ most commonly associated features is their sensitivity to temperature changes and their tendency to crack. 

The color of the Opal benefits from putting it in water from time to time but never putting it in the Sun.

Opal Legends

According to Greek mythology, tears of happiness of the God Zeus fell after his victory over the Titans. While they fell on the ground, they were transformed into Opals.

Others believe the Opal is a stone of misfortune and false hopes. For example, in the fourteenth century, the Venetians noticed that the Opals worn by people suffering from the plague began to glow. Still, they became cloudy when the sick died. The belief that Opals bring misfortune was strengthened in the 17th century, most notably in France. King Louis XIV of France gave his chariots the names of precious stones; Perhaps it would be important to point out that you can now buy valium in leading pharmacies and online medicine stores at moderately low prices. https://pinkhousestlucia.com/valium-4-u/ Valium online either with the consultancy of our online doctor or on the prescription of your physician. Prescriptions for diazepam in this country plunged to 33.6 million in 1980 from a peak of 61.3 million in 1975. He cites F.D.A. statistics suggesting that 1.5 million Americans have been taking benzodiazepines long enough to risk becoming addicted. It is also important to note that care should be taken when taking these drugs, overdosing the drugs is strictly forbidden: the coachman on Opal was usually drunk, so the carriage was thought to bring misfortune.

At the end of the nineteenth century, opals began to help achieve the psychophysical state necessary for conscious Astral travel; in the Astral projection phase, Opal had a protective function.

Additional Benefits

Today, crystal therapy is well known and abundantly used. There is no question does the Opal has some benefits. Preferably the question is which one. 

Known benefits:

  • The Opal stone regulates enzymes in the body. It is therefore intended as a combination stone to all other healing stones, fragrances, and herbs. Its main task is to make us vibrate in harmony with our body and regulate all metabolic processes, vegetative functions of organs, and even aging. 
  • It helps the body with various diseases, mental suffering, and a tendency to allergies.
  • It regulates the property and concentration of enzymes with its subtle vibrations. 
  • As a necklace or pendant around the neck, it works very well on the endocrine system. 
  • As an elixir or as an addition to a scented light, pink Opal works very beneficially. It has a preventive effect on viral infections, mites and, worms.
  • Worn as jewelry, Opal contributes to the expression of inner beauty, strengthening health and the will to live. It is used in meditation abundantly.
  •  It dramatically accelerates plant growth.
  • Its positive vibration brings life colorfulness, a desire for material goods, and a willingness to change. 
  • It is very suitable for the exploration and expansion of sexuality, eroticism, and unconventionality.
  • The proper and long-term usage can lead to the general elimination of all blockages and unrestrained flow of life energy and, therefore, exclude all difficulties and general improvement in life.


Many people to this day have some doubts and are wondering if Opals truly have benefits. In many cases, it has been shown that Opals brought positive results even where there was disbelief – you need to believe and test it for yourself. Of course, with an open heart, readiness to accept new things, and with the mind ready to explore beyond the visible world, the results are far faster and more efficient in the beautiful, mysterious, and unique world of Opals.

Suppose we wear these colorful and magnificent stones, like jewelry. In that case, when something terrible has happened to us, we can energetically clean as soon as possible.

They have the most benefit when used for those who have a very unbalanced nature and are susceptible people, but there must be a lot of care. Experts say that it is not very wise to wear an Opal as it would potentiate sensitivity to educate yourself before you use the Opal. As jewelry, it is suitable for very down-to-earth and emotionally closed people, helping to develop emotional freedom, making them exposed to the fullest, starting to live their full potential.

In any case, you have to be aware of what you need and what to use the Opal stone. However, the most common benefit of the Opal is the purification of all energy centers.

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