Skilled craftsman improves their skill and creates more beautiful jewelry designs than ever. Opals are reasonably easy to shape, so we can find many different Opal necklace designs in online stores. I have done my best to select some Opal necklaces with a distinguished look and quality that most people love and desire.

I would start with some suggestions from my experience when talking about Opal jewelry. Considering that you will wear or give as gift jewelry that you buy, don’t purchase the cheapest one you find. Spend a moment and analyze it, check if the Opal stone is natural or lab-created, look at the material type, manufacturing, necklace design, and other people’s reviews. Ensure that you understand what you are buying, and you will be more than happy when you open your jewelry box.

Natural Opals can be very expensive, reaching more than $5,000 per carat. Don’t expect that you will get a fantastic Opal necklace with “play-of-color” for $50. Of course, you can find pretty impressive jewelry pieces for that amount of money but be realistic. There are so many gorgeous lab-created Opals. In my opinion, it is better to purchase an interesting synthetic one that looks great than a natural one that is dull.

In any case, while we go through one of the most interesting Opal necklace designs, I will share my thoughts and knowledge with you.

Cheap Opal Necklaces $0-$25

Buying a cheap Opal necklace can be a great way to introduce yourself to the world of gemstone jewelry. These necklaces can be great birthday gifts, a great way to show your love to a close friend or family member. Opal necklaces are great fashion details that will spark a pleasant conversation. For this amount of money, don’t expect anything more than lab-created Opals and plated (gold, platinum, silver) metals. In the best-case scenario, you can get 925 sterling silver. Now, I have selected a few interesting ones that I want to share.

Gold Plated Lab-Created Stone Necklace

Gold Plated Round Necklace

This is a unique minimalist Opal necklace made with lab-created Opal stone. It is plated with 14K white, yellow, or rose gold (you may choose), ensuring the chain’s longevity and long-lasting brilliance. The necklace is nicely packaged and prepared to be given to your significant person.

Silver Oval Opal Pendant

Silver Oval Opal Stone Necklace

The design of this mesmerizing opal necklace is simply timeless. It’s a solitaire pendant necklace paired with round lab-created Opal stone placed in a prong setting. This necklace is a symbol of love, hope, and faith that is locked in a gemstone. The necklace chain is silver plated (rose gold plated), ensuring its durability and long-lasting shine.

Round Cut Birthstone Opal Pendant

Round Cut Birthstone Opal Pendant

The unique, simple, and minimalist design of this pendant necklace is classic and timeless. People will notice its simplicity and dominant gemstone made from lab-created Opal stone displaying its “play-of-color.” The chain is made from rhodium plated silver ensuring longevity and long-lasting shine.

Opal Necklace $25-$50

We are now moving to a higher price range where we expect higher quality materials, more interesting Opal stone, and better craftsmanship. Selecting the right Opal necklace in this category can be a little bit tricky. You need to pay close attention to all aspects of jewelry design, so take your time and choose wisely before making your purchase. I would suggest searching for more unique designs, more details, and luster.

Gold Plated Heart Pendant

Gold Plated Heart Opal Necklace

I must say that this is one of the cutest Opal necklace designs that I have found. The design of this piece of jewelry is genuinely inspirational, detailed, and magical. I love the combination of white lab-created Opal stones with cubic zirconia on white gold hearts. You can select the metal type that you prefer from white, yellow, or rose gold plating. In any case, with the price of shy over $25, you will get much more than you pay.

Princess-Cut 2 Carat Opal Necklace

Princess Cut Opal Gemstone Pendant

Shimmering 2 carats princess-cut lab-created Opal stone is placed securely inside this gorgeous necklace. Stone is secured with four prongs. This exclusive pendant necklace comes with an 18-inch sterling silver box chain connected with a spring-ring. Be prepared for a lot of compliments, so learn a thing or two about order soma shipping europe your jewelry.

Antique Black Opal Teardrop Necklace

Lab-Created Black Opal Teardrop

The vintage design of this solitaire black Opal teardrop necklace is made from a lab-created stone. The mesmerizing beauty of the gem offers an explosion of various colors. This pear-shaped stone with a cabochon top stands firm in its place. A unique and sophisticated gemstone will get a lot of attention. It comes with a high-quality sterling silver box style chain.

Opal Necklace $50-$100

In the $50-$100, you should expect a little bit more from the necklace chain, moving away from plating to sterling silver. Still, don’t expect white or yellow gold here. You will still find here mostly lab-created Opals and maybe a few natural stones when talking about the Opal stones. You can expect higher quality craftsmanship. Necklace designs will look more polished and sophisticated. Also, your jewelry will come in higher quality packaging suitable for gifts.

Sterling Silver Opal and Diamond Pendant

Silver Diamond Opal Pendant

Oval cabochon cut of the lab-created Opal stone ensures its “play-of-color” and upscale look. The gemstone is paired with three white diamonds that will sparkle like little stars on this necklace. Sterling silver chain is included with the pendant, so you don’t have to worry about that. It is not extremely expensive yet not very cheap, making it one of the best gifts for anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion.

Blue Opal Oval Drop Necklace

Blue Oval Opal Drop Pendant

The simple yet striking design of this drop necklace will get a lot of attention from everyone. Vibrant lab-created blue Opal stone looks mesmerizing, sitting inside a silver bezel. This necklace comes with a chain extender so that you may choose a 16 or 18-inch length. The chain is made from 925 sterling silver ensuring its longevity and shine that will last.

Natural Australian Opal Heart Necklace

Natural Australian Opal Necklace

On top of the price range is this gorgeous necklace with 0.41 carats Natural Opal stone. It is paired with an 18-inch sterling silver chain. Please remember that every gemstone is genuine so that yours will be a bit different. The gem in question comes from Australia and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The necklace is shipped inside a high-end jewelry box. I must say that this is one of the nicest that you can buy in this price range.

Opal Necklace $100+

In the high-end range, you should look for gold jewelry. There are many yellow, rose, and white gold necklaces packed inside high-end jewelry boxes. Many designs come with natural Opal stones, but I would go for lab-created gems in some cases. Of course, it’s your preference, but it would be nice to buy genuine gemstones with the certificate.

14K White Gold Princess Cut Opal Necklace

Princess Cut White Gold Pendant

I have already reviewed a similar necklace design, and when you compare them side by side, you can see that this one is of higher quality. The pendant on this one is made from 14K white gold with a 1-carat lab-created Opal stone. It comes with an 18-inch chain that is made from sterling silver. You may expect a certificate for your gemstone, an excellent gift package, and exceptional craftsmanship.

White Gold Opal Necklace with Diamond

Gold Teardrop Opal Diamond Pendant

I’m falling for this kind of jewelry design, classic, sexy, with diamonds. What can I say? I’m mad for sparkling jewelry, and this necklace is one of the sexiest I found. Pendant is made from 14K white (or yellow) gold, paired with lab-created Opal gemstone and genuine Diamond. More than 500 people left their comments on this one with 4.7 stars on average!

Natural Opal and Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant

Opal Blue Topaz Diamond Necklace

Cushion cut natural Opal gemstone is paired with natural Swiss Blue Topaz gemstone creating a mesmerizing combination. A trail of tiny Diamonds is added on the top for more shine and luxury. When you take it in your hand, you will say that it worth much more than what you will pay if you buy this necklace. I would personally pair this exquisite pendant with a white gold chain, but in this case, it comes with a sterling silver one.