Natural Opal Types, Properties, and Benefits

Natural Opal Types, Properties, and Benefits

Opal, one of the most notable precious stones, originates from the name “opalus,” which has a Latin origin. So many people love it because of its beautiful colors and beautiful shine. It is most commonly the stone associated with happiness, inspiration, virtue, success, devotion, faith, purity, and peace. 

In Roman times, people saw it as the union of 3 other precious stones: Emerald, Garnet, and Amethyst. 

Natural Opal Characteristics and Types

The gemstone you are wearing on your Opal necklace likely comes from Australia. Australia is the birthplace of Opal stone, and it is a known fact that this country creates almost 97 percent of the amounts in the world. Australian Opal is extremely firm and hard to break since it is made in sedimentary conditions.

Some people believe that the Opal stone is powerful. It can show personal traits – it helps people establish their characteristics when they wear this stone. Opal enhances those traits in the best possible way.

Opal helps remove and deal with the negative aspects of one’s personality. It is a known stone to fix the “problematic characteristics” of a person.

There are three main kinds of Opal:

  •  Common Opal – it has a more straightforward color, white-milky
  •  Precious Opal – or also called rainbow because its beautiful color
  •  Fire-Opal – its colors look like fire yellow, orange and red

Of course, many different types of this precious stone could be found all over the world.

  • Opal colors include yellow, green, gray, brown, orange, pink, red, white, black, blue, colorless, transparent, translucent, or opaque.

Type according to the location where the stone is found.

  • Mexican Fire Opal 
  • Hungarian Opal
  • Lightning Ridge Opal
  • Virgin Valey Opal

Natural Opal Benefits

Opal is one of those gems that can look wonderful in all types of jewelry. Many people believe that if they wear this stone, they will be protected and will have significant success in life and love, of course. In this sense, success is maybe the most seen in interpersonal relations. It is believed that Opal produces stability, creates belief, clears doubt, and produces pleasure to people using it (wearing). 

One of Opal’s benefits is that it brings accomplishment, greater vitality, energy, and support for the improvement in all parts of life.

Opal Benefits

Opal is used for centuries. Most commonly, people connect Opal to the stones that have the most exciting properties in every way. Medical, spiritual, and emotional.

Opal increases security, brings peace; it is exceptional for alleviating anxiety and panic. It is excellent for soothing anxious feelings and thoughts. Carrying Opal gemstone will assist you to sleep soundly, not allowing bad dreams to come to you. Opal is great for kids who have any issues in their sleep.  

Some like to call Opal one of the most effective strength rocks, as excellent protection against negative pressure and negative minds. 

This precious stone denotes the God Mother’s energy and is contemplated the best purchase 30 pills modafinil benefit for expecting ladies. It is an exceptional jewel for loving care, often connected with eroticism, enthusiasm, love, and consuming heat.

Natural Opal Healing Properties

Opal is an unusual stone that is most commonly linked with increasing the energy of intention to live the best possible life you can live. Many believe that this stone will make your skin, hear and nails look great, making them firm. Also, Opal is considered to be fantastic for the eyes and kidneys.

Those who suffer and leave the water in their organisms should wear Opal because it helps with the organism’s water balance. 

It is considered that this stone can aid in the removal of any inflammatory process in the body, for cleaning blood or organs like kidneys. Opal is excellent for the regulation of insulin production, diminishing fever, and advancing memory. 

Women should wear Opal since it is excellent with the hormone dysbalance – especially older ladies in menopause, or PMS. 

Medical properties:

  • Useful for infections and any inflammatory process, and hormonal misbalance great for the blood, it cleans and purifies. 
  • Boost insulin production is excellent for water retention, perfect for skin, hair, nails, and eyes, memory, and kidneys.

Opal is a precious stone linked commonly to egotism, passion, lust, love, and desire in spiritual and emotional healing. It is believed that those who wear jewelry made out of this stone are becoming more seductive, more confident, and very optimistic. They can express their feelings more openly. 

Opal gemstone has a fantastic amount of healing properties. It makes you more powerful and able to see your life, emotional status in particular, with one more eye. Also, by wearing it for longer, you will find yourself in the position of healing on a deep emotional level. It is like this stone gives control over your life, spiritual and emotional aspect of it.

Spiritual and emotional properties

  • provides a dynamic balance, boost passionate feelings, sexuality, and love 
  • it increases creative force, creative process (art and poetry), and brings happiness into life, making people who wear it have a lot of self-worth
  • many people consider it to be their protection stone, bearing stone, suitable for the emotional stabilization
  • it will wake up your psychic gifts, spiritual knowledge, vision, divination, mystical insights
  • Opal is associated with pure light, universal consciousness, inspiration, producing spirituality, wisdom, and divine knowledge to the person who is wearing it.
  • Opal enhances conciseness and invokes fantasies, psychic powers, and revelation
  •  Opal is a gemstone that brings universal energy, being one of the most incredible gems of brilliance. 

Birthstone and Zodiac sign

If you know someone who celebrates their birthday in October, you can buy them this precious stone, because it is their birthstone. Astrologers say that not one Zodiac sign is connected directly to Opal. Many believe it is the stone that belongs to those whose Zodiac sign is Cancer.

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