Natural Opal Stone Ring

Natural Opal Stone Ring

Opal and silver go very well that it is not surprising why so many people choose this combination to wear or gift someone. People that are lovers of this combination can never make a mistake. If you are a fan of natural opals, you have probably heard about Australian Opal. Experts say the most beautiful opal stones come from this country, the world’s largest opal source.

  • Manufacturer – LetsBuySilver
  • Material – Silver and Natural Opal
  • Metal – Real Solid Sterling Silver
  • Stone – Natural Opal
  • The shape of the Stone – Oval
  • Creation of the Stone – Natural/not treated
  • Color of the Stone – Varies
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Characteristics and Reviews

  • This ring is made in England; the Opal is natural; it comes from Australia. The setting is Victorian style. This is the perfect combination for those who love natural stones in the “old school” setting.
  • The package is deluxe. It comes within the price. It is entirely suitable for a gorgeous present for any occasion.
  • Sizes are available from 4 to 12. The significant part is that there are half sizes and quarter sizes; you can easily choose the perfect size. When it comes to rings, that halves and quarters make a big difference
  • Comfortable and easy to wear every day
  • The company has an excellent policy for returning items if you want to replace them or get your money.
  • The Opal is Australian and has fiery colors – yellow, pink, red, orange, etc.


Considering that you will get not one but three natural Australian Opals, you can’t expect it for cheap. Those stones are set beautifully in silver. Since this is genuine Opal, you need to understand that it will not be exactly like the one shown in the picture. Opals are known for being unique, and they vary a bit. On the plus side, you can be sure that your ring will be unique. It costs $129.00, and there is an excellent policy about returning the item if you are not happy with it.

Small stones, big shine

Some say that the detailing on the ring is not very large, stones are bright, there is no doubt about it; the silver color is a bit paler than some other kinds of silver. They are not large; maybe the best fit can be a little ring, complemented with some other rings of a similar vibe.

As always, when it comes to the natural Opal, do not expect that all three stones could be different colors, but this is the beauty of the natural Opal.
You never know what you are getting. If you look for more giant rings with huge stones, skip this one unless you want to combine it.

In any case, if you do not want to give almost 130 dollars for the ring, you do not care about Opal, and love bulkier rings with a more specific setting, skip this purchase. But, if you know someone who will enjoy this elegant and old school combination of silver and real Opal, this may be a good present.

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