Natural Opal and Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant

Natural Opal and Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant

There is a belief that every color has symbolism that is extremely important when making jewelry that included precious stones.
For example, yellow and gold were associated with the Sun, the greenstone. The emerald is connected to inner strength. For example, the red jewel was believed to protect the soul. Opal and Topaz, when natural, make a perfect combination in jewelry; many believe that this combination protects and heals.

Manufacturer – Finecraft
Material – Metal and Gemstones
Metal – 925 Sterling Silver
Stone – Opal and Topaz
Number of stones – 5
The Creation of the Opal- Natural/ Coated
The Shape of the Opal- Cushion cut
The color of the Opal – White
The Creation of the Topaz – Natural/Not-Treated
The Shape of the Topaz – Cushion cut
The Color of the Topaz – Blue
Setting – 4 prong
Chain – Box
Clasp – Lobster-claw-clasps

Characteristics and Reviews

  • Materials used here are top quality – natural Opal and natural Swiss topaz and a small diamond. All rolled into one beautiful silver necklace
  •  Silver used here is durable and shiny. The durability is achieved with the added cooper along with the other alloy metals.
  • As you know, Opal is one of the most beautiful gemstones there is. It is not overly expensive and has such an incredible variety of colors, mostly natural. It proves how wonderful nature can be. Here Opal is not alone – blue Topaz is added, making this necklace even shinier. Opal is a bigger stone here and the Topaz smaller, but together they make a perfect match regarding the size and the color.
  • This necklace comes with a souvenir case for the purpose of present or storage if you want to keep it safe. 
  • One of the most beautiful things is that the stones used in creating this piece are natural – Opal and Topaz. Some reviews said that the gift box could be a bit more presentable.


Reviews have stated that this necklace is excellent; and that the stones are just like in the picture. The best thing is the price that is not too high – only 170 dollars for a dainty necklace. Numerous reviewers find this price more than a fair deal and that this necklace looks like something that costs almost three times more. Some people said that they did not receive a certificate of authenticity, although the quality is undeniable.

A necklace that will last

There is no doubt that silver is the best choice for jewelry; it provides a fantastic look and quality. This is one piece that will last for many years, and be sure that it will not lose its shine. Enjoy this excellent jewelry item. Nowadays, when so many manufacturers find it easier to sell synthetic stones, you get here a real deal. Not one, but two natural stones. Opal has mainly white color, but with darker patches of blue and green.

Even if you buy this piece for yourself, be confident that you will wear it all the time, and if you buy it for someone else, it will be the best gift ever.

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