Natural Australian Opal Heart Necklace

Natural Australian Opal Heart Necklace

Nowadays, many things are fake – you can find on the market almost anything, rarely do we know how something is made, etc. And it is ok, and you can look nice for little money. But, sometimes, you want to add up to your collection or gift someone with quality, natural pieces of jewelry.
A real Opal, made by a renowned company is the way to go. It has even a reasonable price.

Manufacturer – Alcheri
Material – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – 925 Sterling Silver
Stone – Triplet Opal
The Creation of the Stone – Natural
The Shape of the Stone – Oval
The Color of the Stone – multiple Colors
Setting – Prong
Cut – Cabochon
Chain – Rolo
Clasp – Spring Ring

Characteristics and Reviews

  • The most important aspect of this necklace is that it is made out of natural Australian Opal; it has size 8x6mm and 0.74 carats. Also, the Silver used for its creation has high quality; it is Italian Silver.  
  • Always have in mind that each natural Opal stone is unique, and also, depending on light, it changes its color. 
  •  The Company recommends buying this necklace to all those whose birthstone is Opal; it can be a perfect gift, mainly because it comes with a fashionable gift bag. 
  •  The necklace is made both in Australia and the USA – a part of their profits goes for wildlife conservation. 
  •  If you are not happy with the purchase, you can return the item and receive all of your money back! The Company subjects all of its things to quality inspection. A certified gemologist conducts it.
  • The majority of the reviews have stated that the necklace is outstandingly pretty. The most prominent part is its rainbow of colors. You cannot detect only one, but it is very cool. Some people do not like colors, and that it looks very cloudy. 
  • Some reviews have said that the necklace may come to you in a box, a bit tangled, but that you could resolve it quickly.


Remember that nowadays, it is tough to find a real Opal that does not cost a fortune – we are not saying that those made in a lab are bad. Still, the genuine Opal, from Australia, is a prime item. Here, you can buy it for under 100 dollars, precisely $99.95!

Nothing compares to the Australian Opal

Most reviewers were so happy with this purchase; this is a necklace that many have bought for those who love natural Opals. Since this is an Australian Opal, it has a specific appearance – it is not for everyone. Still, those who love it would not replace it for anything!

They are in love with the fire and brilliance of the Opal, and the best thing is that it changes colors with the light. It is suitable to become an extraordinary gift because the item comes in a gift package. It looks so clean and tasteful – when you purchase this item, you know that there is a natural Australian Opal in your jewelry box. It has numerous healing properties, and many people use it as an amulet around their necks. This is an environmentally mindful company, so people love to buy their products, besides their quality.

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