Multi-Colored Opal Gemstone Bracelet

Multi-Colored Opal Gemstone Bracelet

Even in modern times, people love to have a piece of jewelry that they believe will bring them good luck and success, protect them from any evil.
In that sense, it can be something that they love and believe it is a protective jewelry item. On the other hand, it can be something more religious, like Hamsa hand.

It is a known symbol from ancient Babylon, a stretched hand with five fingers; it is the hand that rules both Earth and Heaven.
You can buy many jewelry items with this exciting symbol.

Manufacturer- aJudaica
Material – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – 925 Sterling Silver
Stone – Opal
The Creation of the Stone – Synthetic
The Shape of the Stone – Hamsa
The Color of the Stone – White

Characteristics and Reviews

  • This is one of the bracelets that you can wear for protection. It is the Hamsa Evil Eye Bracelet, made out of Opal with Sterling Silver.  
  •  Also, it can be a perfect gift for you or someone special. Some reviewers have worn it as a bridesmaid bracelet. It comes in an elegant gift box.
  • It is not resizable.
  • Durable and shiny, just the right size, as many reviewers have described it. The chain is much firmer than it looks in pictures. Some people have said that they would want the bracelet to be thicker because they are afraid it will break easily.
  • The remarkable thing about this bracelet is it’s gorgeous Opal Stone. At the same time, it is delicate but firm, perfect for any occasion, formal or non-formal. 


Because of the reasonable price out of $18.95, you can wear this bracelet and want a matching necklace without any concern. In case you lose it or damage it, you can replace it easily. Many reviewers have stated that they have worn this item many times, all day, with little or no maintenance, and that the bracelet is very durable.

Bracelet made for success and good luck

Perfect for people who love to wear such a symbolical motif, like Hamsa Hand, it looks great, it is well-done and inexpensive. Numerous reviewers love this bracelet, saying that the Hamsa Hand made out of Opal looks so wonderful on a silver chain. The chain is not fragile, having in mind that it is thin.

People love to wear this as an amulet daily – since it is made very strong and has good quality. The Opal or Hamsa Hand is very shiny. After so many years, the Hamsa hand, as a motif on jewelry, has retained the most beloved symbol of happiness in almost all cultures.

In it, we see not only happy circumstances that lead us to some success but also its permanence; for a reasonable price of 18 dollars, you get one of the best pieces that carry this protective symbol, made out of Opal silver chain. For also an affordable price, you can buy matching earrings or a necklace.

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