Matrix Opal Types, Properties, and Benefits

Matrix Opal Types, Properties, and Benefits

Opal is a stone with many versions. The Matrix Opal shows such beautiful colors – it has spot bits with the dainty milk-glass silica as a mixture of whole areas in the rock. Some like to compare it with the lightning into a rainbow, but its healing properties are equally excellent. Matrix Opal is the stone that stimulates love, innocence, cheerfulness, honesty, and faith. This extraordinary flaming gem is assumed to produce a great fortune.

Matrix Opal Characteristics and Types

The Matrix Opal is formed of hydrated silicon dioxide. There is 3% to 21% of the water in it, so it has some ophthalmic features. It is known for the play of colors. 

The Matrix Opal comes from southwestern Australia (its national gemstone), and its most prominent trait: its deep body shade. Some say that this shade makes it a stone that brings bad luck, especially compared to the White Opal that is seen as pure and a bearer of good luck.

The Matrix Opal supports the person wearing the stone to be whatever they desire. Also, in Roman times, this type of Opal was seen as the one that has traits that belong to all other precious stones, just like Emerald, Garnet, or Amethyst, it truly has green, red-orange, and purple shades from these two stones. Since it is connected to all these stones, the Matrix Opal has their traits. There is a belief that it will bring a complete rainbow of Light power to the human system and rise in the life of the person who has been wearing the stone.

The Matrix Opal is the bearer of optimism, a cleaner of the body since it can cleanse the aura. Besides, this type of Opal is a known stimulator of inspiration and insight. It is considered to be a protective rock for intense emotional performance and spiritual trips. 

As the majority of Opals, the Matrix Opal affects: 

  • thoughts; 
  • feelings, including a lot of buried emotions
  • desires, both open and hidden
  • true potential
  • it shows the effect of your actions

Matrix Opal Benefits

In a physical sense, the Matrix Opal affects the reproduction of old elements in a human organism; it helps with fertility. Since the Matrix Opal is known to carry a lot of water in itself, the Matrix Opal should be used to help with thought infections and any heart disease, temperatures, and infections in a healthy sense.

It also can relieve PMS, helps in childbirth, and grants support to the painful eyes. The Matrix Opal can be used to promote and health of hair, skin, nails, and eyes. Some say that it can even enhance memory in a person.

In an emotional sense, the Matrix Opal can come in handy for all those dealing with some emotional scars. It arouses the heart’s connection, and it brings peace in hard and dark times.

Spiritually, this gemstone is seen as the most uplifting from all other Opals since it brings all the rainbow colors into the aura of the person who wears this stone. The light that comes from this stone is there to assist when the dark hours come, and it will help those who are dealing with depression and the sense of hopelessness.

Matrix Opal Healing Properties

It is believed that the Matrix Opal becomes the magnifier of purpose and demonstration, and people can use it to look at the time as one continuum. Some even use the Matrix Opal for rituals, for example, for scanning eyes to promote a person’s accuracy or purpose. 

When it comes to the healing processes, this type of Opal becomes the mother’s stone, as it is recommended for all caring mothers to wear one of them close to their hearts. This comes from the fact that the Matrix Opal is connected in many ways to care and compassion; it can even be the stone for seduction. It hides some form of eroticism inside.

The Matrix Opal is believed to bring a calm and centered consciousness. Those interested in its spiritual healing abilities vibrate at a lower rate; it is a remarkable rock for intense inner activity.

Birthstone and Zodiac sign

Knowing that the Matrix Opal has, in its core, energies from both Earth and Fire, you see that this stone is perfect for all Zodiac signs that belong to one of these two elements.  

The Matrix Opal can help Fire Zodiac signs stabilize their intense energy and Earth Zodiac signs to build better contact with others. The Matrix Opal should be a present to someone who is in search of creativity. Not only this, the Matrix Opal gives a protective shield against evil, and it is very suitable for the protection of families and younger kids so that it can be a wonderful present for the youngest.

And indeed, the Matrix Opal is a gemstone that comes as a representation of celebration and increased fullness. It accepts and reinforces the emotion and spirit of the person who wears it, not forgetting the most critical part – independence and liberation. Since it is the stone that has we have said is perfect for relieving stress and grief. The Matrix Opal is an ideal gift for those who have recently lost and are emotionally suffering. Wearing the Matrix Opal gives you the feeling of greater control over life.

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