Heart-Shaped Opal and Aquamarine Bracelet

Heart-Shaped Opal and Aquamarine Bracelet

Those who remember the 60s and the 70s, when Hippie culture was dominant, will immediately remember exciting jewelry pieces. This culture promoted bracelets made out of colorful beads, seeds, shells, and stones and wore these handicrafts on both hands and feet.

Today, hippie fashion made its come back, both in style and jewelry fashion. However, other trends did not disappear, just like the elegant and straightforward silver jewelry trend with precious stones and diamonds. After all, diamonds are forever.”

Manufacturer – Lavari Jewelers
Materials – Metal and Stones
Metal – 925 Sterling Silver
Stones – Opal, Aqua, and Diamond
The Creation of the Opal – Synthetic/Heat-treated
The Shape of the Opal – Heart
The Color of the Opal – White
The Creation of the Aqua – Synthetic/Heat-treated
The Shape of the Aqua – Heart
The Color of the Aqua – Blue
The Creation of the Diamond – Natural/ Not Treated
The Shape of the Diamond – Round
The Color of the Diamond – Minimum color H
Setting – Prongs
Chain – Specialty
Clasp – Lobster Claw

Characteristics and Reviews

  • This Silver bracelet’s central star is undoubtedly a diamond, of course, with the other two shiny and beautiful stones. This bracelet is designed to perfection.
  • Since the design’s dominant motive in this bracelet is the heart, this bracelet could be a perfect gift for the person you Love. It is the gift that shows how much you care. 
  • With opal and aquamarine in the shape of a heart, this silver diamond bracelet has such a romantic design. It does not have to be worn just on special occasions but can be a daily reminder of love and deep care.
  •  The fact that this bracelet has a real diamond gives this item not just that it makes it more beautiful, but it also ensures long-lasting wear.
  •  The company states that this bracelet is so easy to clean; you do not have to put any effort into it.
  • Some people have said that the silver is too sharp and it hurts the skin. But undoubtedly, the bracelet is by the opinion of many – fabulous diamond/opal/aqua bracelet, made to be worn eternally.
  •  If you are not satisfied with purchases, you get 30 days to return the item.


We believe that the price tag of $129.99 is not excessive when purchasing real diamonds, regardless of their size! Numerous reviews prove that this is one excellent investment, a perfect gift, an accurate statement of love. Reviewers agree that this is such a reasonable price for what you get.

Heart-shaped bracelet for eternal love

This is an entirely made silver bracelet with diamond, opal, and aquamarine stones, contributing to this piece’s brilliance. If you wear this piece of jewelry, you can show off your sophisticated style. Love is crowned with a stone of exceptional value that will shine on the future bride’s finger and announce to everyone that its owner is reserved and loved. You can find all of this in this magical bracelet made with diamond, aqua, and opal.

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