Gold Semi-Precious Opal Prong Earrings

Gold Semi-Precious Opal Prong Earrings

Sometimes the simplest and the most useful jewelry pieces are simple dot earrings made out of natural materials. Particular earrings are crafted so that you can combine them with virtually any other part of jewelry. In any case, simple earrings, smaller ones are a must for all those jewelry lovers. The market is enormous; there is something for anyone; if you are into yellow gold and real natural Opal, these from DECADENCE may be your choice.

  • Manufacturer- DECADENCE 
  • Material – Yellow Gold, Gemstone, Zirconia 
  • Metal – Yellow gold 
  • Stone – Cubic zirconia 
  • Stone shape – round 
  • Stone Creation – Natural/Heat-treated 
  • Setting – Prong 
  • Number of stones – 2  
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Characteristics and Reviews

  • The company that manufactures these earrings has a tradition of 4 decades making jewelry; they proud themselves for making high-quality jewels that they send directly from their factory.
  • The gold used to create these earrings is made out of 14K gold. As the company states, each piece is meticulously trademarked with the metal cleanness for certification. 
  • All metals utilized are lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic. They do not cause any unwanted reaction, which is what you look for when purchasing some jewelry.
  • The Opal that is in the earrings is natural, so that the color may vary.
  • One of the things that separate this set of earrings from others is that they come in handmade gift boxes. They are ready to be given to someone special for any occasion you want like order soma global delivery Birthdays, anniversary, Christmas, etc.
  • Very well made, affordable, natural stones with the yellow gold that never goes out of style.


For the $39.99, you receive a perfectly wrapped earring made out of gold, real Opal! The yellow gold price is much more expensive than silver; it never goes out of style. Their size allows you to combine them on any lobe in your ear, even with other materials like silver or surgical steel. You will buy a classic if you purchase this. Take care of them, and watch not to lose them because they are tiny. One night in the night before the exam, I was very nervous and could not fall asleep. And I took valerian, and took tea with mint, and took a walk in the street, breathed fresh air-nothing helped me. Grandmother, having noticed my problem, shared with me her sleeping pills “Ativan”. And about a miracle! I calmed down and chopped off almost immediately) but! The next morning I got up completely rested and cheerful. I accept Ativan when I cannot fall asleep and have some anxiety. Addiction to the drug Ativan did not notice the side effects to the drug Ativan, too, although I do not take it often than a couple of times a week, when there are exams or preparing for studies.

An everyday sparkle to brighten your day

Some reviewers stated that they are not happy with the earrings’ color expecting them to be more colorful. Still, the fact is that with the natural Opal, you are never sure, they alter the color, and it can vary. This type of earring must provide you with the spark.

Some say that they are small, but the jewelry’s size is a question of personal taste, for some little for some perfect. Still, the fact is that they are more discreet but beautifully crafted and compelling. You can replace them with bigger ones if you want!

Some people like to wear them on the second or third earlobe even. It looks great; finally, you know that you have something that has the quality to it, and natural healing stone, Opal.

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