Gold Plated White Opal Stud Earrings

Gold Plated White Opal Stud Earrings

Earrings provide a subtle touch to the look. They could even change the entire face; any stylist will tell you that the choice of earnings as an accessory is significant. 

Suppose you are looking to refresh your collection. In that case, there is a wide range of glittering earrings with crystals, reduced models on surgical steel for every day, subtle models of earrings on silver or enchanting pearls, etc. They do not need to cost too much if you choose the ones with the simulated opal, for example. They will still look gorgeous.

  • Manufacturer -GEMSME 
  • Material – Brass and Opal
  • Metal – Brass
  • Stone – Opal
  • The shape of the Stone – Round
  • Creation of the Stone – Simulated
  • Color of the Stone – White 
  • Setting – Prong
  • Lock – Butterfly
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Characteristics and reviews

  • The metal used to create this ring is brass; it has excellent polish and is plated in 18k white gold. It does not leave stains or tarnish over time.
  • The company states that all of their jewelry is of high quality, and it comes packed as an excellent gift.
  • The company that is directed toward manufacturing opal jewelry offers a 30-days guarantee for satisfaction. They will accept the return of the item for any reason.
  • The opal is synthetic, and it is made in Japan; it looks real and is very colorful.
  • It could be worn daily because you do not have to worry about the opal will remain shine.
  • Opal is gorgeous, attractive, minimalistic, high-quality pieces of jewelry. 


Reviewers state that this is one pair of earning that is worth money. They have received precisely what they wanted and seen on the picture; it is easier to do it because it is simulated opal. The color is beautiful, fiery.

For $10.99, you receive a fantastic set of earnings, and it is not the money you could not afford. Perfect for sensitive people who have problems with ears and allergies, worth the low price.

Not expensive, and gorgeous; worth of purchase

As reviews show, this is the company that has a fantastic policy for returning their products, so even if you are not satisfied for whatever the reason, they will replace the product. Some stated that the lock was not firm enough, but you can always replace them. Undoubtedly, beautiful earnings, cute for everyday wear. I took Clomid after my husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year. I took Clomid for one month on the mildest dosage and I just found out I’m pregnant!!! I am so happy with Clomid. We always order Clomid from

A quality set of earnings; opals are shiny and cute, as reviewers say.
Some people like to wear them on a 2nd or 3rd lobe holes because they are smaller. They are not causing allergies or any irritation. Some say that it is even better to have a high-quality “fake” opal because it is easier to maintain.

The stones have many colors, just like the fire and sun rolled into one; they look much more expensive than 11 dollars. Some say that 6 mm is too small; some say that they are too big, but it is all about the taste, which prefers what.

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