Gold Plated Lab-Created Stone Necklace

Gold Plated Lab-Created Stone Necklace

Did you know that the first piece of jewelry was found 25,000 years ago? It was a simple necklace made of fishbone, located in a cave in Monaco. It may not be a necklace encrusted with jewels. Still, from the context of the findings, it can be seen that it had a decorative purpose, and at that time, probably an incredible value. Nowadays, all of us could have a great piece of jewelry to decorate our necks – and it does not have to cost too much!

Manufacturer – PAVOI
Material – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – 14KHGE Brass
Stone – Opal
The Creation of the Stone -Synthetic
The Shape of the Stone – Oval
The Color of the Stone – White
Setting – Bezel
Item Length – 5 inches
Chain – Cable

Characteristics and Reviews

  • This necklace has such a shape and length, it perfectly fits all neck sizes, and if you want to layer with some other chains, it is perfect.
  • It is simple but effective. It has such an excellent finish that it is genuinely noticeable but not too bulky.
  • The 146 Gold plating ensures you can wear this necklace without any problem what so ever; it is hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead-free. No stains or green spots on the neck
  • As a company that produces them states, this necklace is made to become a gift because of the perfect packaging.
  • One of the best things, if you think of purchasing this piece of jewelry, lies in the fact that the company issues a 90-day Guarantee. You can return the item if you do not like it for whatever reason.
  • The company states that they want to provide their shopper’s service and quality; they make affordable jewelry with outstanding quality.
  • Many have agreed that the necklace can be a bit bigger, but in that case, maybe it would not be as suitable for layering. It has a significant length of adjuster!
  • This brand is highly recommended; this necklace, in particular, looks much more expensive than it is.
  • The opal used has excellent color, has a good variety of colors. It is finely polished.


Beautiful pieces of jewelry, golden, delicate, perfect for layering, as so many reviewers said. Many have said that the price of 12.95 dollars is nothing compared to what you receive in return. It has adjustable fastenings, which is for so many people a great plus, in this case, $12.95

Simple, affordable, and great looking necklace

This is one piece of jewelry for you made in a way that you can wear daily because it is simple, timeless, and can complete any look you are going for at the moment. It will not go rusty or become tarnished; after a long time, if you clean it regularly, it will stay brand new.

It is very lightweight, delicate even; some people have stated that the clasp is much heavier than the pendant. Still, it does not take away anything from its beauty; it may be a bit annoying. Many have agreed that it is better not to shower with this piece to prevent any stains. It arrives covered up very nicely and securely, ready to be given as a beautiful gift for any occasion.

Very delicate and stylish, small and dainty, perfect for pairing with virtually any other piece.

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