Gold Oval Leverback Dangle Earrings

Gold Oval Leverback Dangle Earrings

The jewelry started to make its “today” appearance when humans discovered precious metals. At that moment, people realized that these metals could process and beautify them and create unique pieces of jewelry from them, which will have a specific value and convey a particular message.

Earrings were undoubtedly one of them. Even today, they maintain to be the central part of it; more than ever, you can choose from various shapes, forms, materials, etc. Gold earrings never go out of style! With the shiny Opal, you cannot go wrong!

  • Manufacturer – Amazon Collection 
  • Material – Gold and Opal 
  • Metal – 14k Yellow gold 
  • Stone- Opal
  • Number of Stones – 2
  • The shape of the Stone – Oval
  • Creation of the Stone- Created 
  • Setting – Lever back 
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Characteristics and Reviews

  • This set is one of those earrings that fall under the category classic. They are dangling gemstone earrings, could be worn daily and for special occasions when you want to give an extra touch to the entire look.
  •  The lines or cords of the earrings (the tangling part) are tiny but good-looking. The rocks are an exceptional size and impressive, as many reviewers agree. Not expensive earrings for what you get!
  • Perfect fit for a gift on any occasion, they come in a deluxe medium box, so you do not have to bother with packaging. 
  • The color of the Opal is unique white with fiery shades, just as natural Opal is, except this one is lab-created. The gold is solidly done, it is just enough to tick, and the lever backs are sculptured quickly and well. Some reviewers said that they look cheap and that the gold is not firm enough. Have in mind that these earrings should not look bulky but discreet and straightforward.


The majority of reviewers state that they are delighted with this purchase. Many people like to buy lab-created opals because they look lovely and very affordable; this set looks real. For the price of $140.86, you buy one set that is made out of gold with the lab-created Opal.

Opal just as a natural, elegant, and simple set of earrings

Some say that the gold is not noticeable on these earrings but that the Opal is genuinely unique. It seems natural – bear in mind that they are made to be elegant and simple, not chunky retro gold. The best way to see how gorgeous they are is to look from the side, and they genuinely accentuate the face and the profile of the person wearing them.

Some even described gemstones used in this set as breath-taking. People who compared them to real opals say that there is no significant difference. This set is much cheaper, so you get something that looks amazing for the price of 140 bucks.

The stone size is perfect, making the earrings look truly elegant and simple. With the simple gown and hair pulled up in a bun, we believe this could be a winning combination!

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