Fire-Opal Types, Properties, and Benefits

Fire-Opal Types, Properties, and Benefits

One of the most beloved types of Opal in the world, distinguished by its fiery color, is the Fire-Opal (Mexican opal). This precious Mineral stands out with incredible external luster and dynamic light. It is often called the stone of the Sun. The charming stone culture is appreciated by experts in jewelry making and repair, jewelry collectors, and curators. 

Fire-Opal Characteristics and Types

The best of the best in this category of Fire-Opal is Mexican Fire Opal. The most prominent trait connected to this type of precious stone is its natural activity of color. Some examples of the Fire-Opal have characteristic bright little explosions of shade.

In numerous cultures worldwide, especially in the Latin culture, the Fire-Opal deserves a unique position in the community of valuable gems. Thanks to its beauty and remarkably vivid colors, which resemble the red section of ??the color spectrum in most circumstances.

Others say that the Fire-Opal disadvantage lies in the fact that such vivid colors fade during the time, and people do not like it. This is the reason why this type of Opal is taken care of with special attention. The Fire-Opals contain water (in some three percentages); this is not much, so they easily crack.  

Even though some consider that Fire-Opal is rare, it is considered to be very common. Still, the rare etiquette is given because merely a little part of the identified opals is utilized in jewelry pieces. 

It can be located in these countries:

  • The United States, 
  • Ukraine (in the Carpathians), 
  • the Russian Federation (in Transbaikalia), 
  • Slovakia, 
  • Mexico,
  • Germany, 
  • Indonesia, 
  • Honduras,
  •  The Czech Republic, 
  • Turkey,
  • Kazakhstan, 
  • Australia

The best of the best are Brazil, Mexico, Kazakhstan, the United States, and Honduras. Here, the most beautiful specimens of this orange-yellow-red stone could be found.

Fire-Opal Benefits

When it comes to the benefits of this fiery stone, the first is its unique appearance. This stone carries multiple indistinguishable sheer balls that are organized in a rigidly geometric form. Its main trait is opalescence, which is identified by a fiery brightness of the stone’s cover itself.

The Fire Opal is used abundantly as the therapy for numerous diseases and conditions – most commonly for any blood disease and cardiovascular system. The majority of Opals are considered significant for the blood and in the body’s general vascular system. Some believe that this stone can incorporate human pathogeneses and illnesses. People often use fire opal for the treatment of these diseases and states:

  • nervous system;
  • eye diseases;
  • insomnia (any problem related to sleep);
  • Intraocular pressure (IOP).
  • Depression (in the broadest form, anxiety, stress, etc.);
  • diseases associated with the action of the kidneys and intestinal tract;
  • for the prevention of clod – the fire-Opal cleans the body, maintaining the balance in the body and mind, clears the blood, and activates the brain

It is used in the chemical business, for instance, for the creation of dynamite. Companies often use it in the building industry for the production of ceramics and light bricks. 

Fire-Opal Healing Properties

Experts say that the Fire-Opal must be used with care, very carefully, keeping in mind that it is firm. This is the gemstone that demands respect. 

Those who wear the Fire-Opal will soon start feeling its dynamic nature, feeling how this stone works for his or her benefit. 

Opals in general, and also Fire-Opals are used for the process of manifestation of suppressed and unknown abilities. The Fire-Opal is known for its ability to show the person’s spiritual abilities who wears this stone.

And the most critical part – this remarkable rock will enhance whatever you carry inside. If you are immoral, this rock will strengthen it in you, and if you are pure, you will become even more. In some countries globally, the Fire-Opal is mostly known for its emotional effect, in the sense of an emotional cleaning. It represents love, well-being, and hope. 

Rarely, the Fire-Opal is used in some magic rituals and practices. Still, in some parts of India, this stone changes colors, and it is believed that it predicts the future. When it becomes almost bloody, it shows approaching danger, so it is seen as a warning.

In a general sense, Fire-Opals are seen as protectors of people from some critical factors because they give us clairvoyance. Nevertheless, it is not eliminated that the Opal owner may encounter “benefits” of a somewhat unconventional classification: a sense of dread for no apparent reason, fear of the night.

Fire-Opal Birthstone and Zodiac sign

Since this type of Opal has somewhat extreme and stable power, as Astrologers point out, it is not proper for all people. In this sense, it is the most suitable for those Zodiac signs that belong under the element Fire. Aries who carry this stone will convert more effective, prosperous, and adjusted at the same time thanks to the stone’s power. Aries will find it more comfortable to perform the most exceptional personal ideas.

Also, this stone is highly recommended to be carried by the representatives of the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. Its extraordinary features will present a chance to defend them from sudden life changes, not always bright. 

Those people who belong to the Zodiac signs that belong to the Water element should stay away from this Fire-Opal. For them, it will be just unfortunate to deal with this stone because they could not be able to bear its impact, let alone achieve harmony in life.

If you want to gift this rock to someone, choose those born in late summer – they would be able to deal with its powers since this stone has such a strong impact. For example, you can buy this stone for those born at the end of August and the beginning of September.

Jewelry made with Fire-Opals looks mysterious and expensive. 

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