Cute Round Opal Dangle Drop Earrings

Cute Round Opal Dangle Drop Earrings

It isn’t easy to find out exactly when the first earrings were made. Still, the fact is that jewelry was made and used somehow from the very beginning of civilization, which is fascinating. And when you think about it, it is not just a matter of sex; both males and females have worn earrings, in the past and of course, in the future.

Men loved and wore jewelry just as much as women. When we say jewelry, we mostly mean stones that are strung on some natural rivets, or we mean the bones of animals, which were processed and worn around the neck. Today, you can choose a set piece made for virtually any material, but choose something with quality when you buy them.

  • Material – Gold and Opal
  • Metal – 14k White Gold
  • Stone – Opal
  • The shape of the Stone- Round
  • Color of the Stone – milky white
  • Size of the Stone – 4 mm
  • Creation of the Stone – Natural/Not treated. 
  • Setting – Prong 
  • Back finding – lever-back   
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Characteristics and Reviews

  • The company that crafts this set of pieces says that it creates them for 14k quality white gold; every opal piece is naturally made to last. Round opal has that beautiful milky white color; every set has a metal purity for certification. They are made to last.
  • These earrings have a lever back buckle for comfortable and safe opening and closing. 
  • They come in a unique blue gift box, so they are perfect to be gifted on any occasion.
  • The company offers a 30-day free money-back guarantee if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the item you have bought.
  • This set of earrings is made in such a way that you will easily complement any look and supplement refined sophistication to any style. Because of their size, they are suitable for kids. 


Ok, almost 95 dollars for the earrings set? But, think of the perfect set that you can buy today, wear all of your life, and then give to your daughter? It is worthy of that money because this proves that for $94.99, you receive a set piece that will last. They are perfect as a gift, or you can buy them for yourself to wear daily.

The one opal earrings that all of us should have

Extremely suitable earrings made from natural materials, perfect for younger people, they can be a fantastic gift on a christening, for example. They are friendly, clean, and pure while, for some even earrings protectors, if, for example, the opal is their birthstone.

Many reviewers describe them as terrific, the ones that they have bought as a present; for all those lovers of somewhat smaller jewelry. They are the one set of earrings that all of us should have in their jewelry box – they have the perfect size, shape, and look, suitable for daily wear. They represent the one set that you will wear the most. These little milky opals are perfect for every day – for younger girls also.

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