Cute Leverback Dangle Created Opal Earrings

Cute Leverback Dangle Created Opal Earrings

All of us were once or twice in a position to want something that looks luxurious. Still, we do not have enough money, or we do not want to buy something expensive because we fear that we will lose it or get robbed.

There is a solution for it- you can order online a couple of dangling earrings that do not look cheap at all. There is even a wide variety of colors to choose from.

  • Manufacturer- Amazon Collection 
  • Material – Metal and gemstone
  • Metal – Sterling Silver 
  • Stone – Opal
  • Creation of the Stone – Created
  • Colors of the Stone – white
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Characteristics and reviews

  • Many reviewers agree that this is a beautiful earring set. For adults in particular (some may think that they are too big for kids ears), the color is impressive, and it varies. This synthetic gem shines. 
  • They have a perfect size, the silver is clear, and the stones sparkle, especially as reviewers say ruby stones.
  • Unlike some other dangling earrings, these are staying firmly on ears, and all that time, they are very comfortable to wear all day if you want—light to wear. 
  • Since these earrings’ price is not high, and they fall under the category of luxury, they need to be well-made. Otherwise, they will look cheap.
  • The box they come in is not the luxury box, so think of buying something more appropriate when ordering these earing for a gift.
  • Some say that the silver is fragile and that stones look like glass, but have in mind tramadol for sales online that these are synthetic stones, and the fact that they look more like glass adds them a more superior shine, of course, all in the price range of 25 dollars.


The majority of reviewers agree that the price is not high for this luxury looking item; they cost $25.14, but these beautiful garnets shine. Many agree that they look even better in reality—worth the money.
When it comes to the size of these earrings, as you know, the size is relative, and some would say that these are huge, others that are just perfect. For the price, you receive good quality.

The variety of opal colors on your ears

Well-crafted with garnet stones, very comfortable, the style they are made is noticeable but straightforward because of the earring’s construction and the fall and the shine of the stone.

This type of garnet earrings especially is recommended for those ladies who wear hear up or those who have the short heart to buy these earrings because they will accentuate their neck and face.

The silverwork is adequate for the price you are paying. The color of the stone matches nicely with the metal. If you want to add a class to your style and do not have money to buy something expensive, try these earrings. Vibrant colors of the stone could be easily put on, which is truly important for older ladies, who may have a problem with their hands.

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