Common Opal Types, Properties, and Benefits

Common Opal Types, Properties, and Benefits

Compared to the Precious Opal, and contrary to this flashy rock, Common Opal is the type of Opal that does not show the glitter, reflection, and “play-of-color.” Flash and play of color are the most prominent trait of the Precious Stone.

Common Opal is known by one more name – “potch”. This does not exclude its undeniable beauty – Common Opal has a mixture of brilliant shades that incorporate various stunning pastel colors. Common Opal is discovered in a broader variety of shades than the majority of other stones. It can be found in numerous world countries, like Nevada, Peru, and Mexico.

Common Opal is the most commonly encountered (minded from the ground), as its name suggests. It has a white backdrop and is sub-transparent to clear and ordinarily manifest opalescence. In some cases, it shows all the rainbow colors but is not as valuable as Black Opal, for example. 

Common Opal Characteristics and Types

Common Opal, just like all other types of this useful gemstone, is created out of the suspension of water and silicon dioxide. When water flows down through the soil, it accumulates silica of sandstone. It brings this solution filled with silica into holes and voids created by natural lapses or decomposing remains. As the water dries, it leaves back silica sediment, and the Common Opal is made.

Common Opal comes in a variety of colors:

  • Pink Opal – the land of its origin is Peru.
  • Yellow-orange Opal – the lands of its origin are Australia and Nevada. In Nevada, Common opals are found in bright white or buttery yellow, with fluorescent patterns. They are found in the brilliant green shade is located in Nevada, and they are incredibly wonderful when observed beneath UV light.
  • Green Opal – the lands where this common Opal can be found are Peru and Kenya. Kenya is known for the production of Common Opals that have a fantastic olive green shade. 
  • Blue Opal – comes from Oregon and Peru.
  • Purple Opal – which can be found only in Mexico, it is called “Morado.” It is usually cut into cabochons.

Common Opal Benefits

Opal stone is known as one of the most attractive and a very mysterious, mystical stone. It is surrounded by various legends, as well as an incredible amount of discriminatory beliefs. Jewelers use the term “opalescence” in their practice, which means the appearance of a pearl or rainbow that glows on a stone when exposed to sunlight. 

Common Opal associated with volcanic activity – significantly ash falls. Still, we can find it in sedimentary stones underlying regions with dry weather. It is not customary to put Common Opal in jewelry because it is the Opal that is not known globally, and its stocks are limited. Considering this fact, their price can range wildly depending massively on its play of color and effects inside the stone.

Many say that Common Opal is underappreciated; it is not expensive. The majority of Opal jewelry lovers can afford to buy one of these stones when they become a part of a jewelry piece. They make beautiful beads tumbled stones and cabochons.

Common Opal Healing Properties

However, there is another essential thing. Common Opals are the stones known for their healing properties since it takes a long time and great natural material for its creation. Opals and Common Opals among them – having in mind that it takes many years or more to create a single Opal-are very useful for healing and rejuvenation. Some recommend even smaller children and teenagers to wear them, or particularly older people who have numerous health problems. Common Opals are regularly found in many courtiers around the world. Their usage is equally versatile.

Common Opals are considered to be universal cleaners of all negative vibrations that we come in contact with. In those cases, Common Opals become very personal gemstones and protectors, giving a more subtle effect, distributed according to the person who wears them.  

Common Opal covers the balance of spirit, body, and emotions. Some experts say that it shows an amulet’s properties whose action could be translated as “intuitive guidance to the goal.”

In practice, this is manifested in the fact that wherever a person has invested effort and energy and has not materialized his ideas. The paths to realization begin to open and “accidentally” find himself in situations or in the company of people who can help him realize his goals. 

Also, Common Opals could not be worn or work in the healing process if the person has untrue needs and projections, and evil intentions. Anyone who wants to harm and thinks that this stone will protect him is wrong. Inner energy and the stone’s energy must be aligned, so they enhanced the properties of another.

Birthstone and Zodiac sign

Astrologists believe that a representative of each of the Zodiac sign has their stone. In that sense, Common Opal is the perfect stone for Cancers to give them persistence. Capricorn to use them also, especially if the stone in question is fiery. For Capricorns, Common Opals are used the most to make them more dark and gloomy.

Suppose you decide to buy one for yourself. In that case, experts say that Common Opals are a perfect match with the silver jewelry to match the opal stone’s properties with it. A mineral embedded in silver or gold will increase its magical properties, making its healing traits work even better.

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