Certified 14K Gold Opal Stone Stud Earrings

Certified 14K Gold Opal Stone Stud Earrings

Jewels are similar to the perfect spice – it invariably highlights what already exists in us; someone used to say. It is not just an extension of enhancing the surface and outer appearance. It also works as a means of non-verbal language, with which we can exhibit our personality most transparently.

What does your set of earrings say about you? What kind of earrings are you wearing? Do you want to buy a new pair that can serve you as an addition to the standard set, and also for special occasions?

Here is the perfect piece.
Manufacturer – Parade of Jewels
Material – Gold and Opal
Metal – 14k Yellow gold
Stone- Opal
Creation of the Stone – Synthetic/heat-treated
The shape of the Stone – Round
Number of stones – 2
Setting – Prong
Back finding – posts with friction back

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Characteristics and Reviews

  • The metal used to create this set in 14k gold; the company that crafts them guarantees quality. Their jewelry comes with the stamp; in this case, it is a 14k hallmark stamp.
  • Each stone, and in this case, each stone is the Opal, perfectly cut and secured in the setting.
  • This is a great earring set for wearing on special occasions and every day. This can be a perfect gift for any occasion, especially for those born in October, since Opal is the birthstone for all those born in this month. The best part is that you receive this set in a gift box.
  • The fact that these opals are synthetic does not take away their shine or quality. On the contrary, many reviewers agree that they are perfect and shiny, just like real ones.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the purchase, you have a whole month to return the item.
  • The size is 9 mm, which is not small.


White gold is known to be extremely clear and firm. It is suitable for the creation of jewelry. It is the one part that makes this set a bit pricy, as some would say, but you receive genuinely something that will last when you buy this set. For the $160.00, you will own a piece of jewelry that will last forever if you take care of it.

Decorate your every day with the set of earrings 

Some reviewers have stated that they did not receive the certificate of authenticity and that the stones do not have any shine to them, so that they look cheap. They have also stated that the gold is not thick enough but have in mind that this set should have those fragile lines to get that sophisticated look.

Overall, they look lovely; some have even said that they are perfect. The color is flawless; gorgeous, and stone and gold complement each other perfectly. Some have said that gemstones should be more significant, but more giant stones may be too much with this type of look. Others have stated that stones should be bigger; as you can see, it is all about personal preference.

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