Boulder Opal Types, Properties, and Benefits

Boulder Opal Types, Properties, and Benefits

Australia is the world’s biggest manufacturer of Opals. The same case is when it comes to Boulder Opal, mainly from Western Australia. Their colors are very intensive, could be used for crystal therapies, Reiki, as Feng Shui, since they are suitable for energy cleaning. 

You can distinguish Boulder Opal by its irresistible overflowing shades of color. When placed in water, they get even more intense colors. 

This type of Opal contains higher amounts of water. This element changes its structure, effects, and healing properties a lot compared to other Opal stones types.

Boulder Opal Characteristics and Types

Its coloring scheme originates from the scattering of light and the combination of the designs that are the reason for complex composite pigments. Experts say that the Boulder Opal has a charm of internal glow, a purple flash of the amethyst, the green-blue shade of the emerald stone, and an incredible display of lights. The Boulder Opal comes in numerous colors; some of them are:

  • black
  • green
  • blue
  • white
  • pink
  • yellow
  • purple
  • brown 
  • red

*not one Opal has just one color, and it is precisely what makes them so beautiful

All Boulder Opals have a base that enhances the shades and decorations of the gemstone. These natural stones are, as experts say, so beautiful that they don’t need anything else to become better; some even describe them as the epitome of beauty. 

It is highly recommended to be handled with care and tenderness. 

This is one of the Opals that is recommended to worn on rings – as in this way you will get the most benefits out of them.

The most notable traits related to Boulder Opal are:

  • its tenderness and softness – hardness varies from 5.5 to 6.5
  • its color is milk-white with a translucent shade
  • its silica gel holds water up to 20 percent, making its composition different from other types of Opal gemstones
  • it does not have a crystal composition, so it holds amorphous features

The Boulder Opals are considered very natural rocks, most commonly worn as earrings, pendants, bracelets, or rings.  

Boulder Opal Benefits

First of all, the Boulder Opal is considered the stone that positively affects human beings’ spirit. Besides, the Boulder Opal contains many mystical powers. It is believed that it can strengthen the aura of a human, filling it with positive energy.

The Opal can clear your mind – it produces transparency and simplicity of views, enabling the reason to declutter. In this sense, it is excellent for those who have a restless mind and confusing thoughts. It is often used for meditation.

In an emotional sense, the Boulder Opal will show you an inner truth concerning people, revealing their passions and aspirations. Having said this, this type of Opal can benefit the emotional and sexual life of a person, making an individual who carried this stone strong, seductive, erotica, and sexual.

On a higher level, experts say that the tremendous h2O content supports people in changing their sentiments by self-awareness, allowing humans to find comfort when they carry this stone. And, like all other Opals, the Boulder Opal is a protective stone that repulses negative energy out of your aura, especially life that comes from others’ emotions.

You can use it when you are about to meet brand-new difficulties, situations, or characters. It spurs innovative and vibrant creational force in those who wear this stone. 

Boulder Opal Healing Properties

Some experts claim that the Boulder Opal has extended healing properties but is the stone that can help you create the future you want to live. This shinny rock provides all types of healing: emotional, spiritual, and physical. It brings guidance and support, ensuring success in numerous fields in life; brings the power of the achievement. This type of magnificent colorful Opal provides spiritual development.

Emotional healing is based on the idea that Opal can clean a heart and detoxify emotions, releasing negative energy, making room for purity. It boosts up the internal energies and passionate sanctuary. It can also induce intrinsic merit to a person due to its emotional powers. Not just this, when it comes to emotional healing, this type of Opal stone some people use for the process of finding love and the alleviation of grief. 

It is said that the patches of various shades present balancing capabilities that reduce anxiety, worry, or pain. When it comes to healing a physical body, the Boulder Opal cures problems connected with the abdomen, lower back, and internal organs. It is believed that the Boulder Opal can relieve the symptoms of the flu and influenza; and that it helps with poor eyesight. 

Birthstone and Zodiac sign

If you know someone who celebrates a birthday in November, you can buy him or her stone since the Boulder Opal is their birthstone. Its traits fall under so many categories; most notable, it should be gifted to someone how has trouble in life. You want that person to have a better future. 

Since it has a high amount of water in its composition, it is the stone meant, when it comes to the Signs of Zodiac to all water signs. Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. For them, the Boulder Opal brings strong faith and the energy to accomplish all they ever imagined. It is essential because these Zodiac Signs lack determination and consistency in their daily actions.

The Boulder Opal is suitable for water Zodiac signs; it serves as a purifier of the soul and can indicate a joyful life. It attracts positive and mystical powers to inspire them towards satisfaction. 

The best way a person can wear the Boulder Opal is as a part of the jewelry, as a ring, necklace, earrings, pendant. Some people like to wear it as is, in their hands, whenever they feel they lack the strength or are in an emotional doubt. The Boulder Opal is suitable to be touched, carried in hands; it reacts amazingly well with the skin.

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