Blue Opal Types, Properties, and Benefits

Blue Opal Types, Properties, and Benefits

Do you know that place where the sky and mountain tops meet? Do you see that color? This is the exact color of the Blue Opal – and the mountains are the place where this precious stone is mined. Depending on the stone’s creation, it can have deep blue color as well as light blue.

The Blue opal regulates enzymes in the body. Therefore, it is suitable as a combination stone to all other healing stones, fragrances, and herbs. Enzymes are the smallest chemical building blocks that vibrate in harmony with our body and regulate all metabolic processes, vegetative functions of organs, and even aging.

Blue Opal Characteristics and Types

The blue color in the Blue Opal comes from the small parts of copper in its configuration. These compositions can be of different measurements and provide the Opal stone to hold modifications in its color.

Experts say that the Blue Opal is one of the most beautiful precious stones there is, with its color’s apparent luminosity. It is a brilliant ornament with the same morphological and lustrous qualities found in the White Opal. But the main difference between the two is the primary color – in the Blue Opal case, and it is deep blue with white spots and green and yellow sparks.

The Blue Opal is not what you would call a hard stone, and it is delicate. Blue Opals are fragile and are easily broken. The stone’s tenderness is even more pronounced with its high water content. When it is exposed to a high temperature, the stone becomes dehydrated promptly. The heat can make these stones fracture and lose their unique color. 

Blue Opal Benefits

The Blue Opal is a dainty gem of exceptional beauty and has a significant decorative value. Some people like to say that the Blue Opal has mystical illumination that makes it elegant and hypnotizing. By looking at its structure and elements, with the added water bits. The Greek legend says that the water comes from Zeus’ tears. 

Most commonly, the Blue Opal is a part of a beautiful part of jewelry. It can make any piece you wear stand out because it is lovely, bright, and shiny. Mostly, women like to wear the Blue Opal as earrings but I have seen some amazing Opal rings and necklaces

Blue Opals has a proven effect on human sight, and some believe it can help those who have cataracts. In this sense, it is not uncommon to see an older woman wearing a piece of Blue Opal jewelry.

One more common usages of the Blue Opal are treating the injuries and stings made by some harmful animals. Campers and those who spend a lot of time in nature like to wear the Blue Opal with them at all times.

The Blue Opal can help the body with various diseases, mental suffering, and predisposition to allergies. It regulates the quality and concentration of enzymes with its subtle vibrations. As a necklace or pendant around the neck, it works very well on the endocrine system.

Blue Opal Healing Properties

The Blue Opal’s healing effect does not in the health department – there are so many other benefits related to this bluish stone. One of them is emotional healing since it believes that the Blue Opal attracts love and develops love connections. 

Because of its powerful energy, the Blue Opal can cause us to sense peace due to its fluctuation. The precious blue stone operates both in the track of passions, inspiration, and problem-solving ability that we lack at times. This is the crystal to hold on to when you are cleaning the negative energy. 

Placing the Blue Opal by your bed is one of the most recommended things to do with this crystal. This stone emits light and soft power to help reduce stress from your body and filter your mind. All stones that have blue color are known for their cooling and soothing effect on people, and for this purpose, the Blue Opal is used for balancing the mind. 

This is the stone to carry for those persons who believe that they can travel far and beyond or project themselves into unknown places.

In this sense, it is assumed that you can preserve the essence by producing a union that keeps body and spirit in constant connection.

One more important feature to speak of is the Blue Opal’s ability to connect and harmonize the two cerebral regions. Impacts on the way we bind energy between the perceptions of the abstract thought (Melody, philosophy, spirituality) and the concrete capacity (Beliefs, perceptions, mindfulness) affect its impact. I was confronted with insomnia against a background of depression. I slept for five hours a day, woke up every half hour every night, and in the morning felt broken and not rested. Ambien was prescribed me by psychotherapist. Most often, one tablet is prescribed 20 minutes before bedtime. Some are prescribed less, but in no case more than one tablet per day. This is a serious remedy, and poisoning them can cause serious consequences. My treatment lasted one month, during this time I felt much better.

It is extremely suggested for those closed from developing and looking at the broader picture because this stone can stimulate your brain and move your ideas in a different direction. Some say that the Blue Opal impacts the material side of our lives; it can increase your financial status.

Birthstone and Zodiac sign

As we have said, the Blue Opal is known for its ability to smooth communication between people who have different energies. It is, consequently, an extremely suggested gemstone for modest and inner-directed people to use or wear.

The Blue Opal is associated with the Zodiac sign of Cancer. Still, it is also suggested for those born in the last degrees of the Zodiac sign Pisces or Scorpio. It is not hard to believe since the Blue Opal can help an individual to amplify supernatural abilities. Zodiac signs like Pisces and Scorpio are very interested in such actions.

It encourages reflection and higher conscious experiences by unlocking the creativity and growing knowledge so that energy is aroused to reach firmness in challenging circumstances. 

The healing features may fluctuate depending on where you are and your current condition. Consequently, when you choose to use a Blue Opal, consider thoroughly the prospect of having this gem because you can attract into your life something you do not like.

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