Blue Created Opal Oval Drop Necklace

Blue Created Opal Oval Drop Necklace

In Roman times, jewelry was a luxury; however, unique pieces were created for those who could afford it, like royalty. Today, those beautiful pieces of jewelry found their new home in museums all around the world. Many Jewelers still draw inspiration today, especially when it comes to combining oriental motifs with various precious stones and diamonds.
One of the combinations that spark interest is a combination of silver and gemstone, like Opal. In this case, the Opal used has such a vibrant blue color, with numerous shades and shines.

Manufacturer – Paul Wright Store
Materials – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – 925 Sterling Silver
Stone – Opal
The Creation of the Stone – Synthetic
The Color of the Stone – Blue
The Shape of the Stone – Oval
Setting Type – Bezel-Setting
The length of the pendant – 38mm

Characteristics and Reviews

  • One of the most prominent traits of this item is its chain. It is flexible, and the pendant is shiny and gorgeously blue, with different shades. When we say that the chain is adjustable, you can alter its length by 5 cm, completely changing its appearance.
  • You can match the pendant to other earrings and other jewelry from this manufacturer, just like many reviewers do because it creates a perfect match.
  •  It comes in a presentation box and has a guarantee of its quality – a certificate. You cannot go wrong if you plan to buy this item as a gift.
  • The manufacturer Paul Wright creates unique jewelry since 1995, both gold and silver pieces; with different gemstones.


Numerous reviewers described it as a great necklace. For this price of $79.00, you receive a piece made by a known designer, but for a reasonable price. Usually, shoppers do not buy just this piece, but the bracelet and earrings also. Beautiful stone, quality made is one of the most common reviewers’ responses after purchasing this Opal necklace.

You will buy earrings next!

Unique gift – you receive it in a lively gift box with the designer logo and a certificate that proves you are buying a quality item. Many reviewers describe this piece as simplistic but impressive drop opal jewelry from a known manufacturer.

It is made in 925 sterling silver and lively cabochon-cut simulated blue Opal. Blue Opal is one of the most beautiful looking gems there is. Did you know that the Opal can change color in contact with a warm human body or soak up dirt in the water? Unlike other gems, Opal is very fragile, so it is not sanded but only rounded and smoothed.
Often, people order matching earrings and make a set to wear with this necklace.

Reviewers also agree that the picture gives this piece of justice. If not better on images – you will not make a wrong move if you invest in this jewelry piece. And to return to the beginning – by its look, it indeed can find its place in a museum!

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