Adjustable Silver Plated Opal Bracelet

Adjustable Silver Plated Opal Bracelet

The history of wearing bracelets is as old as the human race. No one knows when the first bracelet was created. They were worn by both women and men on their arms, starting from the wrist to the shoulder. The bracelet’s position already has a particular meaning, from religious and magical, to social and status.

Where do you wear your bracelet? What kind of bracelet do you love?
Do you like silver or gold? With the natural or created Stones?
Here is one silver-plated and Opal bracelet you can buy for a fantastic price.

Manufacturer- CiNily
Material – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – Silver Plated Base
Stone – Opal
Creation of the Stone – Synthetic
The Shape of the Stone – Round
The Color of the Stone – White
Cut – Round
Setting – Prong Setting
Chain – Box

Characteristics and Reviews

  • Right from the start, you can see that when such a jewelry item comes in an attractive leatherette gift case. It is romantic, friendly, and suitable to become a gift for any particular day.
  • The Opal is impressive – the manufacturer has stated that this bracelet’s design comes from the Caribbean ocean. It is seen in colors bluish, white and pink shades in the Opal.  
  • The size of the wristband could be easily adjusted for an excellent fit. 
  • Silver plating means that silver covers another metal with a plate of real silver by electroplating. This method makes jewelry strong and durable but also very attractive.
  • The band is adjustable for any hand, and the simple sliding clasp performs it simple to adapt.
  • You do not have to worry soma pills for sale about allergies because this item is lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic.
  • It is a high-quality handmade bracelet, and it will last for a long time.
  • Service – if you want to refund, replace or exchange this item, you can do it. The company has a well-established service, ready to assist you whenever you have any question.


Some people have bought more than one, because of the considerable discount like in this case. The introductory price is not high – $39.99, but when it is discounted, it is less than 20 bucks, $17.99. For this, you receive a high-quality piece with the most beautiful Stone. The silver plate gives it durability and high shine. It looks expensive, many have said.

The Caribbean vibe in a bracelet

Many reviews said that this item is unique and quality; made out of the most beautiful Stone is blue with shades of deep green. The bright and pretty Opal for a great price, in one this is what most shoppers said when asked about the purchase of this item. The color of the Opal is fantastic, shiny, especially on a light, as numerous reviews have stated.

Some reviewers have said that the chain is not strong enough but could be replaced or fixed quickly. It is easy to put this bracelet on and off; many bracelets of the same type are much more expensive, as you can see for yourself. For this price, this type of jewelry is a real winner.

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