14K White Gold Princess Cut Opal Necklace

14K White Gold Princess Cut Opal Necklace

Jewelry pieces made out of white gold, rings, earrings, or necklaces are among the most common modern people’s choices, especially for special occasions, just like a wedding. They can be brilliantly polished or matte in different textures.

They can be decorated with a single diamond or some other “cheaper” stone. With its shimmering, unmistakable glow, they testify to the eternal beauty of simplicity. If an Opal stone is added to that white gold, then you know that you have bought yourself a piece of jewelry for eternity.

Manufacturer – Peora
Material – Metal and Gemstone
Metal – 14k White Gold
Stone – Opal
The Creation of the Stone – Synthetic/ Heat-treated
Number of stones – 1
The Shape of the Stone – Princess
The Color of the Stone – White, Iridescent Hue
Setting – Solitaire
Chain – Box
Clasp – Spring ring

Characteristics and Reviews

  • This necklace’s most beautiful element made out of white gold (in this case 14k gold) is its Opal that has Princess Cut. This means that it has a square shape.
  • Perfect for gifts of any kind because the purchase includes a gift box. You can find matching earrings or a ring. For example, the company offers matching earrings with the same Opal for less than 40 dollars.
  • The company that crafts these necklaces is proud white metal types; they all have a distinctive style and elite craftsmanship. 
  • One more important thing here is this – this purchase comes with an additional chain made out of silver! 
  • All Peora jewels come with the Certificate of Authenticity. 
  • Opal used in this necklace is simulated – still, it has its own valuable traits and differentiates it from natural.


Now, some say that they find the price of $129.99 for created Opal too much, but have in mind that the white gold is used here, and it is the white gold that “hold its value. White gold is an alloy of gold and some metal that will give whiteness to this alloy. These are so-called white metals such as nickel, palladium, as well as some other metals. Small amounts of zinc or copper can often be added, so there are various white metal types. Also for, this price, you get one additional silver chain that has a length of 18 inches.”

5-star shopping!

Numerous reviewers marked this jewelry with five stars, saying that this item has the quality, appearance, long-lasting, and perfect to become a gift. On the other hand, this Opal – white gold necklace has the perfect shine and look; it shows top workmanship even on the most discreet outfits, it will shine.

It looks elegant, and the created Opal emphasizes the beauty and brilliance of white gold. This necklace should be worn on a special occasion, like an engagement party or a wedding. But, we want to tell you – when you buy this quality necklace, you have something to wear at any event!

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